Henry Leonard Kaminski, Rest in Peace, Rise in Glory

Henry Leonard Kaminski, 92, of Taylors, South Carolina, met his Savior face-to-face on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 after a long and fulfilling life. Born May 13, 1923 in Detroit, Michigan, he was the son of the late Konstanty and Wladyslawa (Zaczek) Kaminski. Mr. Kaminski graduated with honors from Cass Technical High School, Detroit, in 1941. […]

Hermes, the Patron of Businessmen, and the Best Policies of an Honest Babbo

Well now I haven’t seen you in a coon’s age. How are ya? Come on in here. I was just getting ready for the Women on Mission luncheon. Makin’ my hummin’bird cake. Have you had that? Now do not tell me you haven’t. No good Southern cook leaves that out of the repertoire. Surely your mama […]

Andrew Cobb Erwin, Speech before the 1924 Democratic National Convention

Andrew Cobb Erwin Delegate from Athens, Georgia Speech before the 1924 Democratic National Convention Ladies and gentlemen of the Convention: I am a delegate from Georgia. I am proud of it. To my mind, the Ku Klux issue is the most vital one which the Democratic Party has to determine. You have two courses that […]

God’s Arrived

When one of his clients showed up on my BJU Hall of Shame, local counselor Jonathan Hagan mansplained me with, “I get it. Roar.” No. No, you don’t get it. You don’t. Because it’s not about me or my speaking up. At all. It’s about the hypocrisy of powerful evangelical “leaders” holding themselves to a […]

Some say, “Let the Boss decide.”

In February 2014, I was reprimanded by my North Greenville University supervisor (now) Dean Linwood Hagin for “comments” I “had made on social media” regarding Bob Jones University. He told me to “stay out of the controversy” and refused to explain any further. I spoke with (then) Executive VP Randall Pannell the next week. He did […]

Bob Jones University Rewrites Recent History to Avoid Federal Investigation, Part 2

In sum, BJU hired GRACE because the Feds have put colleges “on notice” for their handing of sexual assault. That is the initial fact accidentally revealed in BJU’s revision of the timeline. What other facts does Bob Jones University fudge? Below I will present each fact that BJU states, and then prove the actual truth about that […]

Bob Jones University Rewrites Recent History to Ward Off Federal Investigation

So I have spent a month establishing the pattern from 1933: when the going gets tough, BJU adds more deflecting glitter to their Show Window. But BJU didn’t just try this hard-sell, diversionary tactic 80 years ago. They did it on Larry King in 2000. They did it with race in 2008. They did it with race […]

Fightin’ Bobs and a John

Because BJU history professor Carl Abrams is a seasoned and professional historian, his account is better, in my opinion. He still takes a predictable pot shot at Pastor Hall, but his broader historical focus is useful. In his narrative on fundamentalists’ “selling the old-time religion,” Abrams compares Jones’ financial trajectory to one of Jones’ besties, “Fightin’ Bob […]

Heritage Day 1933

While BJU is peddling its hagiographic Seeds: Bob Jones Sowing for Eternity video for Senior’s birthday, we can review what you won’t hear on Heritage Day. In 1933 BJC was insisting that enrollment was just fine and the economy was just fine and their leadership was just fine and their finances were all paid on a completely […]