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Ten Years Old

My daughter. Our daughter. Our oldest is ten years old today.

I hesitate getting too emotional and thinking too deeply about it. Last year I allowed myself to grieve pretty deeply, and it was tough. Really tough.

One thing I never imagined about having a little one in Heaven is how remembering her would let us remember Heaven too. Our Isaac has Heaven pretty well figured out: there’s a Boy Zone and a Girl Zone. And moms and girl cousins are allowed to visit the Boy Zone because . . . well, they understand. He wants to be seven in Heaven, to have his toys, his room, his house, his family. . . . That is Heaven to him. <3

So we talk about the coming Kingdom often. And the perfect world God intended but that we people messed up. We remember that God intends for grandpas to run and jump and for sisters to tease and roll their eyes.

Because of Elise, Heaven seems a little nearer and a whole lot more needed. Love you, darlin’ Can’t wait to kiss you again!

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Ten Years Old
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