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Tuesday peace came from above

My testimony was the only document I prepared that was read, delivered, and tested in the March 2013 interview process for teaching as an adjunct professor in Mass Communication at North Greenville University. While my more Presbyterian covenantal vocabulary was met with skepticism, my Baptist-ese was proven sufficient for the 6-hours a semester. “Well, you go to [...]

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On Monday He gave me the gift of love

My Testimony
My parents were saved when I was just nine months old, so I essentially grew up in a Christian home. My mom was raised nominally Catholic, and my dad was raised Jehovah’s Witness. So when my brother Steve came home from the local Baptist church’s Vacation Bible School saying that he had “asked Jesus [...]

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“Brothers will turn against their own brothers and hand them over unto death.”

Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death.
Matthew 10:21

Update: We are offering an audio recording of Miss Daisy telling us her story prior to our transcription: Daisy Lee Archibald tells us about two brothers, Jacob and Esau.
Well, well, who [...]

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How Charm Makes Plans

Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.
Albert Camus

Come down over here and sit next to me. I’ve got a story I need to get off my chest. Right there. That’ll do. Is this fan botherin’ you? . . . Oh dear me, this Indian Summer is wringing us [...]

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Totally Looks Like

totally looks like

Back in that previous life, my husband and I traveled out West with Dr. Bob and Mrs. Bob one August in 1995 (give or take). It was a ten day trip, using one of “the University’s” jets, with two pilots, two accompanists, and Grant and me — the singers. We were the Poster Couple back [...]

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“Is Segregation Scriptural?” by Bob Jones Sr, 1960

This is the sermon that Bob Jones University doesn’t want you to see, that’s not available in any library anywhere, and yet that was the official and widely-publicized “position paper” on race for Bob Jones University from 1960 until at least 1986. They sent it out in pamphlet form to their constituency to defend their [...]

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Once Upon a Time: a Tale of Rags to Riches

Daisy Lee

Once upon a time . . . there was a trucking company. Let’s call it Blue Transport.
Now, the hero of our story is Clyde Poser Blue who started Blue Transport in that golden jewel of the New South, Georgia, in between the wars. He would tell his protegés some time later that he had no [...]

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Just the facts, Ma’am.

Captain Hook

In 2009, I presented my rhetorical analysis of the Bob Jones University’s response to Please Reconcile, an alumni effort urging BJU to apologize for its past racist policies. I theorized that BJU’s “Statement on Race” parallels a Lost Cause apologia — a romance caught at a potentially tragic crisis point. For BJU, like all patricians in [...]

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Spiritual Probation — A Novel

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To forget whatever was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself—that was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become [...]

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We’ve been dating for twenty-five years!


Twenty-five-and-a-half years ago I was sitting in my Honors English Tutorial class taught by Betty Solomon. I sat in the front because my dad told me to do that so that I could pay attention better. Dad was always right about such things. In February or there abouts, she congratulated another student for making it [...]

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