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Keswick v. Bible

Last Sunday morning church painted a stark difference between a Keswick mindset and what Scripture intends. Compare parts of these hymn texts: “Jesus Paid it All” Jesus paid it all, All to Him I owe; Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow.And now complete in Him My robe His righteousness, […]

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Keswick Theology (a.k.a. Chaferianism) **

** From my old xanga blog posted in June, 2005. Edited in its present form in April 2007. Temporarily removed from May 2007 to August 2007.   These thoughts have been whirling around in my head for several weeks. In my Moody seminar, we discussed the Keswick “movement.” I think we can call it a […]

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I Will Keep Singing.

It’s been a huge week. My dear Dad fell, and the women in his life — Mom, my sister-in-law, and me — were completely helpless. We had to rely on the kindness of two selfless and available men to help lift him back to the bed. I had PTA duties. The Christmas tree is only […]

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It’s a Miracle: The Good News

[ti_audio media=”2908″] So amidst all that capricious moralism, did I ever hear the Good News? I know I heard it from my parents. I know I felt it from my parents. I know I heard it in church in South Bend. I know I heard it in Tulsa. And I know I heard it in […]

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I Will Survive!

Healing from intense and pervasive trauma — whether from cancer or rape or earthquake or war — comes as you learn to call yourself a “survivor.” It’s a rhetorical move away from “victim.” When a victim can describe herself as a “survivor,” she: no longer feels possessed by her traumatic past; she is in possession […]

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I’ve had a blog post about 1952-53 in my drafts folder for about a year. Really. I’ve been trying to get a bead on that time period for awhile. That same anxiety that we’re all feeling in the air right now in the US, I think people were feeling back then too. And the seeds […]

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Things I Never Heard in Fundamentalism — The Summary (15)

The Reformation was a time when men went blind, staggering drunk because they had discovered, in the dusty basement of late medievalism a whole cellarful of fifteen-hundred-year-old, 200-proof grace — of bottle after bottle of pure distillate of Scripture, one sip of which would convince anyone that God saves us single-handedly. The word of the […]

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Things I Never Heard in Fundamentalism — Humility (7)

A busy kitchen remodel and a frenetic Disney vacation have given me time to digest some of the more subtle but still dramatically different ideas I’m hearing outside of fundamentalism. In fundamentalism, appeals to humility are a persistent trope. Keswick author Andrew Murray’s little book Humility is a regular assignment to BJU undergraduates, and so […]

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Inch by Inch

I love gardening. Well, I love it in the Spring. And the Fall. I just about hate it in the South Carolina heat. We did our spring planting last week — just in time for this week‘s frost. Doh! We lost a few tulips, but we didn’t lose the tomatoes I foolishly planted too soon. […]

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“Prospectus” (or there abouts)

I’ve gathered my texts and I’m beginning to see some themes rising to the surface. The general research areas will be: While the term “fundamentalist” and the movement fundamentalism has fallen into disrepute and disrepair, the rhetorical form of fundamentalism is alive and well. In other words, romantic sectarianism continues. Nothing’s changed. Oh sure, some […]

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