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July 11, 2008

We’re all adults here, right?

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I mean, we all understand that we’re captive to the human condition, correct? Every one of us has at one time or another stunk, sweat, burped, dripped, wiped, scratched, or picked, so we buy things to preserve our position in the animal kingdom. We fight back entropy by covering up our blemishes, fleshing out our wrinkles, whitening our smiles, making ourselves slightly more fragrant or slightly less hairy.

So there’s really no need for any of us to get the giggles when I tell you about…


I’m tellin’ you: it’s the most amazing thing since the Oral B electric toothbrush my wife and I bought a couple of years ago. I’m not going to go into detail. I’m not going to describe all of the salves and creams and potions and gadgets we’ve tried that don’t work. All I’m going to say is that if you like to wear sandals in the summer, this is the best $10 you can spend at your local Target to make sure that you have presentable tootsies.

Help make the world a nicer place, and at the same time, stop scaring (and scarring) the person you sleep next to. It’s a win-win proposition.

And all with a little gizmo that’s really nothing more than a cheese grater for your feet.

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