People’s Dairy — Soups

PD -- 03b

My dad tells the story about begging his mom to make them fried chicken for once. She said, “Sure! Why not?” And promptly boiled the chicken for soup first and then pan fried it. For grandma, cooking perfectly good chicken without boiling the good stuff into broth was unconscionable. All our grandmothers excelled in soup because it’s really so very good for you. Some of my favorite recipes from my mom and mother-in-law are soup recipes, and I haven’t found anything yet to top those old-fashioned chicken noodle and beef barley basics.

PD -- 03c 

People’s, of course, adds dairy. Not bad, but I just don’t see it as rustic as good ol’ bone broth soups. Their soup secrets are pretty sound ideas still for more simple and economical living. I guess I’m just a soup fan.

PD -- 03a


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