Perfection Salad

So important is this little gem that I’m giving it an entire post.

If the thought of munching on “vitamins” in the second course leaves you blanched, People’s Dairy offers that dish that is nothing short of transcendent. Take a closer look-see:


PD -- 07a

This recipe earned Mrs. John Cooke third prize in the 1905 Knox gelatin cooking contest — a new sewing machine! Food historians label this recipe an exemplar of the domestic science movement for its “impeccable,” molded looks.


It appealed to turn-of-the-century housewives who used the family dinner table as a feminine manifesto to express belief in proper nutrition, daintiness, and, above all, efficiency (Perfection Salad xi).

Dainty and disciplined, “healthy” and homemade — this aspic (my favorite vintage recipe category EVAH!) offered it all.

And so, just for you my Gentle Reader, I shall attempt Perfection right here in the next post of Mona Faye’s Kitchen. Stay tuned. Striving for the Tower of (Vege)Table might cause our servers to crash.

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