People’s Dairy — Meats

PD -- 09d

Honestly, I understand why people allotted only 12% of the food budget to meats. These recipes are disgrossting. Trying to spin it as “very delicious” won’t change anyone’s minds. Liver is still a body’s lint trap.

PD -- 08a

But just in case you didn’t have enough transfats with that meal, People’s offers more! A side of bacon with that liver.

PD -- 09a

But there’s still more! The sweets are coming. Sweetbreads, that is. After the sour cream gravy and the bacon stuffing, we can still serve up a cream sauce for our “sweetbreads.” Now for the younger set, those so-called “sweetbreads” are neither sweet nor bread. They are the pancreas or throat and stomach glands from lamb or a little baby cow.

PD -- 09c

People’s includes some fish secrets too. I really didn’t think that fish had any secrets with their tiny brain and inferior nervous system and all. But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter if their eyes are bulgy or not, this city girl’s not cooking anything that’s looking back at me.

2 Responses to “People’s Dairy — Meats”

  1. Mona Faye says:

    Do you know what SWEETBREADS are?? Well, I wasn’t certain, so I went to my trusty dictionary. Mr. Webster says they are the thymus, heart or throat or sometimes the pancreas of a calf, lamb, etc when used as food. At first I thought they were the same as Rocky Mountain Oysters, which I won’t even begin to comment on ! (shudder, shudder, blanch, and quake !)

    Mama used to fix hearts and noodles, and I must say they were very good. She boiled the daylights out of them added wide noodles and salt and pepper, and served them as the main meal. I really did like them, although they were a bit chewy, but haven’t cooked them since I got married 52 years ago. Do they even sell such at the grocery store?

    Robert says that in S. Dakota during pheasant season years ago when he was there, it was an annual event to serve “Rocky Mountain Oysters” as a feast for the hunters. These were pork testicles (UGH !!) and devoured as a delicacy by everyone who went to the big community gathering. I would have left my little girl at home to protect her tender soul !

    Talking about other gross thing that people eat………Robert’s mom used to cook and they actually ate the squirrel heads along with the rest of the squirrels the hunters had bagged. See, they skinned the head when they pulled off the rest of the skin, and it was nice and clean. (He said the ears came off with the skin.) The teeth stayed in. (OH, DEAR ! Can I even report this??) The cheeks had a little meat on them, and then one could crack the head and eat the brain. (I don’t think I can stand any more of this.) He said that poor people didn’t waste a thing, and it was not necessarily a Missouri backwoods habit. Probably their forebears in Kentucky did the same thing and they got there from South Carolina ! Ha !

    He also reports that in the “olden” days when they killed and plucked a chicken, they skinned and ate the feet too. For Pete’s sake, how hungry must you be to eat chicken feet???

  2. Grant says:

    Well, mamma, sometimes you’re so hungry you’d eat just about anything!