Our namesake herself. . . .

If you’re paying close attention, Mona Faye herself (!) has visited this virtual kitchen — grounding her daughter-in-law’s silliness with real facts and actual memories. Check out the comments. :)

Next to the People’s meat recipes, however, I feel like there’s a glimpse of a much younger Mona Faye (a.k.a. “Jean”) remembered in a tiny newspaper clipping.

PD -- 10c


It’s intriguing to imagine that this really rather complicated stuffing recipe was intended for the Junior chef. Either Mona Faye and her contemporaries were all mini-Marthas, or the newspapers didn’t know diddly about little kids.

One Response to “Our namesake herself. . . .”

  1. Mona Faye says:

    I remember Mama making Thanksgiving dressing to take out to Aunt Marie’s house (the old “home place”) where the whole family gathered each year. She made it in a huge dishpan or the bottom of her big granite roaster. First she crumbled up stale bread crumbs which she had been saving for weeks. Sometimes she would add a batch of corn bread also. I was allowed to put on my little apron and help with this chore. She boiled the giblets separately and then cut them up finely. To this broth she added a large onion and 1/2 a bunch of celery, cooking them until tender. She added this mixture, salt and pepper, fresh sage to taste (lots), and 4 eggs. Tasting is crucial at this point, as is consistency. Not too dry, but fairly moist. Add drippings from turkey or chicken boullion at this time, if necessary.This was cooked in the oven separately from the turkey, until brown on top. Mmmm ! Can just taste and smell it now ! Happy Thanksgiving !