People’s Dairy — Vegetables

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned when it comes to veggies, but these recipes look pretty good. Granted, I prefer not to be “surprised” by my food — even green peppers — but the rest of the ideas are fairly timeless.

Until you turn the page.

PD -- 13a

This . . . suggestion (?) . . . of combining cabbage, pasta, and velveeta? I have no words for how awful that sounds. Any one of them alone is just fine. Combining even two of them is a stretch. But putting all three into one single dish will most definitely create the mustard-gas of cooking. I’m sure of it.

PD -- 13b

If you google “Potatoes O’Brion,” the good people at our fav search engine ask the same question I would, “Are you SURE you didn’t spell that wrong?” The recipe is described as a kind of home fries with green peppers. Why, then, does the Dairy Council drop the peppers in favor of the listless but ubiquitous pimento?

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