People’s Dairy — Cakes

PD -- 14a

I must say that I never realized that there were classes of cakes: butter and sponge. I s’pose the butter is the bourgeoisie of cakes while the lowly sponge cake must do all the proletariat work. Yes, I’m sure that’s the way it is in the cake class war.

PD -- 15a PD -- 15b 

These all look pretty yummy, and I believe they would win spatulas-down in a fight against our meely, over-processed, HFCS-infested baked goods. The names get pretty optimistic, however. Which only makes you wonder what they are really selling since the worst salad of the century stole the moniker “Perfection.” I still think the Fudge cake could beat up both Sunshine and Pollyanna with 2 cups of sugar tied behind her back.

PD -- 15c

I think in a cake war there really is no loser.

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