People’s Dairy — Cookies

Is there anything more beloved than a blend of sugar, butter, flour baked in child-size morsels and served warm next to a glass of ice-cold People’s Dairy milk? Wikipedia takes all the romance out of our little snacks:

A general theory of cookies may be formulated this way. Despite their descent from cakes and other sweetened breads, the cookie in almost all its forms has abandoned water as a medium for cohesion. Water in cakes serves to make the base (in the case of cakes called “batter”[2]) as thin as possible, which allows the bubbles – responsible for a cake’s fluffiness – to form better. In the cookie, the agent of cohesion has become some variation of the theme of oil. Oils, whether they be in the form of butter, egg yolks, vegetable oils or lard are much more viscous than water and evaporate freely at a much higher temperature than water. Thus a cake made with butter or eggs instead of water is far denser after removal from the oven.

It’s really hard to get snarky about cookies. But you know I’m gonna try anyway. . . .

PD -- 16a

Why? First of all, what’s so Native American about these little guys? They are chocolate which is Aztecian (perhaps) and square. I’m at a loss.

But secondly and more importantly, why ruin a perfectly good blend of fat, sugar, and chocolate with walnuts? Now, you gotta know that in Missouri, when the recipe says walnuts, no self-respecting citizen is going to use those neutered nuts you get at the supermarket. No, no! Not hardly. No, they take them right off the tree, fully-potent with their fresh-from-the-moth-balls taste. It took me months to understand why my Gentle Husband and all his sibs pick out every walnut within a ten foot radius of the buffet.

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  1. Lisa says:

    “pick out” meaning….pick them out….throw them away! Eeewwww!