A Tart Spree!!

The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts
And as soon as they were done,
The Knave of Hearts, he stole the tarts
And ate them every one.
The Knave went on a real tart spree
Eating Chocolate, Strawberry, Lemon . . .
All three!

I’m sure these are lovely. I bet they are even yummy. But look at them. And look at the ‘stashed shemale serving them! Ew!


So the book says that Ol’ King Cole’s (not to be confused with the crooner Nat’s) spirits were fixed not by music, comedians, gambling, or cigarettes. No, it was his Flaming Mince Pies.


My dad had a jar of homemade mincemeat kicking around our house for years before he finally “reminded” Mom into baking it. Yech. I know that that version was just nut meats, but still. . . . Nothing that’d lift your spirits. Maybe it’s the flaming sugar cubes? Now that I think about it, actually seeing that yechy pie in flames would raise my mood! Maybe ol’ Betty is actually a subversive trying to stick it to the man after all.

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One Response to “A Tart Spree!!”

  1. Mona Faye says:

    I actually like mincemeat. Last year I made Mama’s recipe for mincemeat squares. She used to make them every Christmas. So, feeling very nostalgic, I baked some. Nobody, but nobody would eat them except me. I put them in the freezer so I could sneak down and nibble some every once in awhile, and promptly forgot them. The other day I discovered them and brought them upstairs. They were still pretty tasty even after a whole year, but for some reason they had no appeal to me any more, so I flushed them all down the disposal. You do not need to fear that I will feed them to you this year in the guise of “just baked for you” ! I’ll start all over on slice and bake straight from the grocery store in 2007.