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Daughter-In-Law Bread

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

We here at Mona Faye’s Kitchen know that the most sensible Missourians stay right where they started out. There’s no reason to go anywhere else. Missouri has everything any decent person could want — rolling hills, caves, deer season, the Fox theatre, crappie fishing, the Arch, Bass Pro Shops, properly-crusted pizza. It’s all here. If it’s not here, you really don’t want it in the first place. Trust us on that one.

Occasionally, however, a pretty face turns a good Missouri boy‘s head, and he thinks that locales other-than-Eastern-Missouri might be actually livable. We are a tolerant bunch, however. We never mention his grave error, but we do know that the Prodigal will return.

While he is away sowing his wild oats for two decades raising a family and teaching some new-fangled thing, that interloper who took him away from the Show Me State might actually contribute a decent recipe to the Kitchen. It is rare. But every-so-often a person originating from an uppity city like Detroit might have a dish that is worthy of real folk here in the Middle West.

Date-Nut Bread is that dish. Granted, this is not Pat Nixon’s 1955 California Date-Nut Bread recipe. It’s not that presidential. And it’s not technically fruit cake. It’s not that manufactured. But the recipe seems to date back to the 1940s, when things were better, even in Detroit. Our Kitchen researchers can’t find another recipe quite like this one,  so it’s rather unique. But not too unique. We wouldn’t want to be radicals.

Aunt Stella, first row (kneeling), fourth from left. At Briggs Manufacturing, 4 Jan 1944.

The Daughter-in-Law’s Grandma made this for years, and then her Aunt Stella carried the bread “mantle” and made this every Christmas back in the day, proving that even non-Missourians know that tradition is always best. She ends the recipe with “Good luck,” which we know is very necessary in Detroit.

We Missourians don’t need luck, however. We live in Missouri.