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Forty is the New 1890

Am I this old to remember all this stuff at the old-fashioned “country store”? Is this what being forty means? I mean, we’re past knowing every song on the oldies station to remembering when every product at the quaint stores was . . . new?

5 thoughts on “Forty is the New 1890

  1. Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

    I especially waxed sentimental over the pilgrim candles. We had those when I was a kid!

    When I was in about 4th grade, the cool kids had those see-through bubble umbrellas. However, most of us scarcely needed umbrellas since we had those yellow rain coats with the fold-over buckles and the fisherman style matching yellow rain hats and rubber rain galoshes. You took them off when you got to school and hung them in the cloakroom under the watchful eye of the cloakroom monitor. (An apple-polishing teacher’s pet, not an electronic device.)

    I wore those exact Dr. Scholl’s in 7th and 8th grade, only I had the “cherry red” ones.

    I’m going to keep a lookout for pilgrim and turkey candles.

  2. How fun! We had the pilgrim candles, too. I still love the raspberry filled hard candies. I remember being jealous of the bubble umbrellas because only the girls could have them – they were extremely cool. My grandmother could have never done her hair without the hair rat. My sister was really bummed out when she found out she couldn’t wear her Dr. Scholl’s sandals at BJU. Green Goddess with chicken and pecans makes a great chicken salad – from my mother!

  3. I remember the Psst Shampoo. I think I used it once! It made your hair feel Bleah!

    A friend of mine had the candles. I remember seeing those in her house when I was growing up. I vaguely remember the bubble umbrellas since I probably only saw them in the states when we were there for a short while. I’m sure they never made it to Guam!

    The scottie dog magnets were cool!

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