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June, Moon, Swoon

Finally, it feels like summer. Yes, I can hear the raindrops mewing and barking past my window. Yes, I still have 13 projects and tests to grade. Yes, I still have to wake up before even the summer sun rises. But things are starting to relax, and it feels wonderful.

The tomatoes are ripening. The finches are stirring. The watermelon is perfect. The nights are still cool enough to open the house and yet warm enough to have the fan beating on me all night long.

It’s finally June. And it’s my yearly task to begin making Elise’s birthday dress for another little girl. It’ll be pink this year. I’ve got the pattern in my head already.

I’m also going to tackle a few other undone projects cluttering up my craft table. It’s amazing how much more creative and energetic I feel when just a few things are off my plate. There’s the scrapbooking, some clothes for Isaac, and juicy summer reading.

Hmmm. . . . this is why I love summer in Greenville.