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Soon. . . . **

I’m so anxious to get this session of summer school over that I thought today was Wednesday. This schedule is too rough on me. I hate it. I get no down time. When DS is down, I need to be up. He’s been sleeping pretty well lately, so that’s a plus. But still. I have no energy to cook or clean or do more than throw clothes at the washer. Notice I said AT the washer. Sometimes they go in. But mostly they are just scattered around it in an interesting melange.

I have a stack of papers to grade and no energy to grade them. Sigh. . . . Okay, okay. . . . I’ll grade all this and clear off my desk by lunch. Oh, and it’s a lovely lunch too. . . . Spicy Tuna Boats. Blech. Tuna should not be a “boat,” and adding the word “spicy” to it only makes me confused.

Soon. . . .

** This post was expunged temporarily since it was judged to be contrary to the image of a Christian since I mention fatigue.

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