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Poor dear

He made it. But barely. Poor dear. The whole experience was a trauma. Taking off his clothes and getting his head measured. Lying on the thingy and getting his body measured. Standing completely nude on the scale and getting weighed. Meeting the doctor. getting looked at in his ears and his mouth and his chest and his legs. And then — the worst part — the shots.

But he was asleep before the end of the first song once we got in the car. I think I’m in for a quiet afternoon.

He’s 80% in height and 50% in weight. Tall and skinny, our boy.

1 thought on “Poor dear

  1. the 18 month check up is the last one henry had — he doesn’t get shots again until he’s four so i just never did well child checks after that last one. it was terrible. the doctor was not very gentle and was not understanding of the embarrassment involved. henry was literally embarrassed, poor baby. and he was totally betrayed when i held him down for those shots. i hate the whole scene. 🙁

    congrats to isaac for a nice long break from shots! 🙂

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