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How to Raise a Killer

I’m reading Cesar’s Way — the latest book by the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan. About raising dogs to be killers, he says:

“People who raise pit bulls, Presa Canarios, Cane corsos, or other dogs for fighting turn these innocent dogs into killers by abusing them. When they’re young, the dogs are never allowed to be puppies; they have to be warriors all the time. The owners will start smacking the dog in the head at an early age, putting hot sauce on his food, teasing him, letting him be attacked by a bigger dog–all because they believe that this treatment will make the dog tough. They will punch him and pinch him repeatedly until he bares his teeth, at which point they’ll stop pinching him. In this was he learns to bare his teeth for self-preservation” (180).

We’ve figured it out for animals. When are we going to figure it out with people?

7 thoughts on “How to Raise a Killer

  1. 🙁 that’s sad.

    we went to this dolphin show in chicago a year or so ago and they repeatedly said that the dolphins won’t come to the trainers if they’ve ever been treated unkindly, that they have to be taught that the trainer is only going to have something good for them when they come, etc., if they are ever going to follow commands.

    interesting about the hot sauce. ::cry::

  2. That is interesting. It’s the first time in my encounters with Christians that I’ve seen God the Father (Who, according to the Bible, scourges and chastens His sons) compared to an animal abuser.

    And as to how Jesus would parent? I always assumed Like Father, like Son.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean, Leigh Ann. You mean God teases us and lets bullies beat us up in order to make us warriors for Him? We’re “more than conquerors;” we’re His children. Why would He ever use methods on us that would make us aggressive toward Him and to fellow human beings.

    As for Hebrews 12. I’m still not sure what you mean. The writer of Hebrews is quoting Proverbs 3:11-12. A literal translation is that “God teaches the one He loves and corrects every son He accepts.” Now, where’s the hot pepper sauce and bullies again (since many in the name of Christ insist that that’s Biblical parenting)?

  4. wow, Camille – that’s very insightful!

    leigh ann….I’m in agreement with Camille on Hebrews 12. It does sadden me to know that some Christians think God is a violent bully of a parent 🙁

  5. Leigh Ann–have you actually studied Hebrews 12? Done more than read it in the English? Do you understand the context? Considering it is the ONLY NT verse that anyone uses to support spanking/punishing children AND it comes from the book that is most often prooftexted and from which most cults draw their doctrine, I believe it is a book that deserves much more than a passing glance.

    I’ve given it more than that passing glance and Hebrews 12 does not *teach* that God scourges his children or that fathers are supposed to. Rather, relying on citation of OT Scriptural passages (that my own research has shown that in the original does not include mention of scourge, but of discipline which is not typically physical) there is a comparison that is drawn. The reader (the Messianic Believer who is undergoing persecution and questioning God’s continued love for them) is told that their own father’s treated them in certain ways (not that they should have, or were commended for it, etc.) and the child knew they were loved, how much more should we not question God’s love for us when we suffer.

    Further comparison is drawn between Jesus, God’s Son in whom He is well pleased, who *was* scourged for us, and the believer who had not yet suffered unto death as Jesus did. If Jesus suffered, who are we to think we won’t suffer. And if we haven’t suffered unto death then we have not suffered as much as Jesus. If we have suffered unto death then blessings to us as martyrs!

    So please do not read into the original topic a comparison of God as an abuser–because, actually, that is what your reading of Hebrews 12 renders. Rather, a full understanding of God will not result in the understanding of discipline to which you hold.

  6. leigh ann, I’m very curious what in depth study you’ve done of Hebrews. Have you read or studied in the original languages or just read an English translation? Ironically, it is your reading of Hebrews 12 that paints God as an abuser, not what the blogger is saying. One must be especially careful with Hebrews because it is one of the least understood, most prooftexted, and most used by cults books of the Bible.

    Hebrews 12 does not say God scourges us and we should scourge our children. Rather, it says that our earthly parents treated us in ways that may not have always been kind and we don’t question their love–how much an encouragement this can be for the suffering Messianic Jews who were being persecuted for their faith and were questioning whether God still loved them. The answer is YES! This is also discussed in the context of comparing believers to Jesus–who is the Son in whom God is well pleased! Who was scouraged for us. Who suffered unto death. If Jesus suffered then who are we to think we will not. If we have not suffered unto death then we have not suffered as much as Jesus–God’s own Son! And if we have suffered unto death then the blessings of the martyrs are for us!

    God is not abusive and it is not God who scourges us, but when we are abused and we are scourged then we can find comfort in Hebrews 12 that we have not suffered unto death and Jesus suffered also.

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