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Tumblin’ Down!

A dear friend recommended a new Bible story book. And we love it! Lloyd-Jones points every story back to Christ. I’m eager to read all the way through in a very left-brained way, but my dear preschooler is stuck on David and Goliath. So we read it. Over and over and over and over. I finally realize that maybe I need to hear the story over and over, and I read it listening very close to the message.

So we decided to really play out the story. First, we drew a 9’9″ Goliath on our blank newsprint.

20070721-building-goliath-01.jpg 20070721-building-goliath-02.jpg

He was very, very tall. And today we laid him on the stairs to throw things at him. Now, a paper Goliath doesn’t have much fortitude against toddlers and terriers. He was quickly sliced in two.

 20070801-goliath02.jpg 20070801-goliath01.jpg

But this Goliath didn’t stand a chance against our David’s water sling shot, and we made sure of it.


We sang the song too. “But five little stones he took!”


“Up in the air. . . .”


“And the giant came tumblin’ down!”


And we sliced off his head with his own sword shouting, “The battle is the Lord’s!”

We had to switch roles too. Isaac was Goliath and Mommy was a “girl David.”

20070801-goliath10.jpg 20070801-goliath12.jpg

The battle is the Lord’s!

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