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Things I Wanna Do

Here’s my list of things I really want to do someday. Really. If I had written this list 6 years ago, I would have included potty-training the cat. That was a complete catastrophe. Oh awful. . . . I don’t recommend that at all. But for now:

  • Finish a sweater. For me. I knit little things. Scarves, food. I’ve knitted a couple disasters. But I want something that’s not a Category 3. Lace would be cool too. So I’ve started this. You think I can finish it? Not sure.
  • Worm composting. This looks SOOOO cool! Grant thinks it’s silly. But imagine making compost out of dryer lint and banana peelings. WITH WORMS!!
  • Learn bobbin lace. I have a home-made lace-making pillow upstairs, and my dear MIL bought me some bobbins years ago. I have a few patterns and one or two books. I’ve been fascinated with this ever since my Dad pointed out the little scribbled-up, apple-cheeked lady doing it at the Henry Ford Museum when I was ten. It’s like teeny-tiny macramé. So . . . amazing.
  • Stay in a Disney Resort. Yes, I know this is bourgeois. Can’t help it. Someday I’m gonna do it.
  • Wire the dollhouse. I should write a post about the sentiment behind that dollhouse. Anyway, I started the wiring, so I know the kit works. Now I just need to finish it up.
  • Figure out how to use this thing. I’ve got that upstairs too. Everything’s upstairs now that I think about it.
  • Try cloth diapers. If a little one ever blesses our home again, I wanna try it. Mollie makes it look so easy!
  • Write another book. I’ve got a couple of outlines on the hard drive already.

6 thoughts on “Things I Wanna Do

  1. Wish lists are great. I’d be a bit concerned about the diaper one… my mom used ’em with triplets and two toddlers. We went through dozens of them a day! I don’t think she would have cried to have disposables back in the day… but, then again, we were an odd exception to the normal household… still true today, I guess.

  2. Staying in a Disney Resort is fun! Who cares if it’s bourgeois? We went there for our honeymoon and it was really great–Disney treated us like royalty. Can’t beat that! When we go again (with little one in tow) we’ll stay in their resorts again, and getting a package deal, since it ends up saving us money. I can’t recommend the meal plan enough! Go for it!

  3. worms are way scarier than cloth diapers! and, since you have like 48 hours in your day i think you can cover those things.

  4. They all look great except the cloth diapers. Come now, you know you have to clean the —- out of there. I think I might throw up. ;o)

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