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The Gospel is Good News Indeed!

[audio:|titles=14 – the gospel is good news indeed]

The gospel is good news indeed,
To sinners deep in debt;
The man who has no works to plead,
Will thankful be for it.

To know that when he’s nought to pay,
His debts are all discharged,
Will make him blooming look as May,
And set his soul at large.

No news can be compared with this,
To men oppressed with sin;
Who know what legal bondage is,
And labor but in vain.

Freedom from sin and Satan’s chains,
And legal toil as well,
The gospel sweetly now proclaims;
Which tidings suit them well.

How gladly does the prisoner hear,
What gospel has to tell!
‘Tis perfect love that casts out fear,
And brings him from his cell.

The man that feels his guilt abound,
And knows himself unclean,
Will find the gospel’s joyful sound,
Is welcome news to him.

5 thoughts on “The Gospel is Good News Indeed!

  1. Great song — debts discharged, no condemnation, not enslaved but free all because of the gospel’s joyful sound . . . .

  2. Thank you so much! You don’t know me directly, but you and your husband’s testimony has been a great encouragement to me, and I deeply appreciate this song!

  3. Not sure where to put this except here, but I wanted you to know I read your sidebar and am praying for Gavin. How scary for Mommy, too!

  4. I wonder if ‘boredom’ with a dull presentation’ is sort of protection from ‘listening’ to a ‘dull’ speaker? I have a new quick ‘check’ of when I stop listening to, say, an empty headed dumb bell talking about one of my most loved Bible stories, The Prodigal Son. As soon as the speaker gets into the message,after mechanically quoting one verse, by the letter, and I start hearing empty headed ‘opinions’ and religious blah blah blah, I get the ‘blech’reaction, Grant mentioned, and turn it off. There’s the sweet water of life and freedom which really edifies us. And there’s the brackish water of religion and bondage, that only makes us thirsty, but that never satisfies. Don’t you think that, Jesus really does satisfy our deepest thirst and hunger for living water and the Word of God, the bread of life? I think when we are freed up, we become more spiritually ‘tuned’ to the true spirit of life and freedom in a message that is being presented by someone who ‘really’ knows the messenger. I believe that people full of religion are also full of themseves. Tha’s
    why we cannot see or hear Jesus in them in their words. One thing that grieves me, is that, those left behind in Fundamentalsim, believe that ‘we’ have somehow lost something and are no longer even ‘true believers’. When, in reality, we have gained everything by our leaving. Although I never actually left fundamentalism, I ‘have’ left that which in leadership and environment, was so constraining to my spirit, that, once I did leave, it felt like getting out of ‘a mental and spiritual prison.’ I do remember the three strikes and you’re out thing. Something like the Genie in the bottle example, who, tricked someone to ask ‘too many’ wishes, and then the Genie escaped. Our former religious ‘captors’ or as in my case,my former misguided associates,( I ‘am’ learning to be more diplomatic,) took for granted that ‘we’ would just go along with them no matter what they said or did to us. But, there came that shockingly painful wake up call incident, the last straw or that strike three you’re out, and ‘we escaped’. Now wer’e free, and we can rejoice and thank God every day for our freedom. Grace is no longer limited to a mechanical concept and religious theory, like a carrot on the stick that we can never seem to reach. Now Grace is what we know we can truly live in. Those we walked away from, think ‘we’ left because ‘we’ were and ‘had’ the problem! That ‘we’ have bad doctrine that has somehow defiled and deceived us. That ‘we’ have even ‘ returned to the world!’Saints preserve us. There are actually real people in the world! It’s like they see ‘our world’ of freedom, as something that is against God, and not true blue believers, and ‘their’ world as true blue believers who have the corner on the market of what is true. But ‘who’ and ‘what’ are they actually serving, but man and man’s ways! It’s always easier to follow man than to follow God. One encouraging sign of our healing, is that we become less and less negative and more and more positive. It takes time but God is with us every step of the way. The sad thing though, is, that our former associates believe that they have to ‘separate’ from ‘us’ because they’re afraid that any association with us may somehow ‘defile ‘them.’ When, for those of us who have come far enough in our healing, we would be willing to embrace them and wash their feet. The Gospel really is GOOD NEWS. I want to be an open window to let it shine through my life, not a closed door that would only block it, that would cause people to ‘only see and hear’ religion and have a Blech reaction!

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