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A Variation on a Theme


Working in the DC would kill a dog.
Listening to the sermons killed your soul.
Painting in the new buildings withered your lungs.
Acting in Rodeheaver shot your legs and feet all to hell.
And “ministering” on campus burned up your spirit like a gnat that lit in the melting pot.
But out of this whole mixing bowl of hell and high water,
These working folk have stood against abuse, against humiliations,
And they prayed their way through the whole dirty mess.

Now, the admins have got their union, and the pastors got their union,
And the “counselors” got their union.
But back campus and off
In the churches and in the offices and classrooms,
It’s a disciplinary offense for a few, common everyday faculty/staff
To form them a backbone and get together for higher wages
Honest pay and fair treatment.

Camille Lewis, 2011

HT: Woody Guthrie, 1941

3 thoughts on “A Variation on a Theme

  1. These words are great! What fantastic songs! What an ideal album choice! Right on Camille! Enjoing this delightful music while waiting for the little Halloween darlings come around for their ‘low salt’ shell out bags of chips. I know which side ‘you’re’ on Camille. The side of integrity, honor, and the wonderful God, you and Grant love, follow and serve! love this blog!

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