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Our job, then, . . .

But above all, I believe, we must make it apparent that Hitler appeals by relying upon a bastardization of fundamentally religious patterns of thought. In this, if properly presented, there is no slight to religion. There is nothing in religion proper that requires a fascist state. There is much in religion, when misused, that does lead to a fascist state. There is a Latin proverb, Corruptio optima pessima, ‘the corruption of the best is the worst.’ And it is the corrupters of religion who are a major menage to the world today, in giving the profound patterns of religious through a crude and sinister distortion.

Our job, then, our anti-Hitler-Battle, is to find all the available ways of making the Hitlerite distortions of religion apparent, in order that politicians of his kind in America be unable to perform a similar swindle.

Kenneth Burke, “The Rhetoric of Hitler’s Battle

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