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Fundy Comment Bingo, Camille Specific

As an homage to SFL‘s Fundy Comment Bingo, I’ve created my own variation:

3 thoughts on “Fundy Comment Bingo, Camille Specific

    1. I can’t resist responding to some of these Fundy Bingo comments”. Psycho Babble! My Psycho Babble professional care giver, was used by God to ‘save our’ broken marriage many years ago. So any so called ‘babble’ that produces good fruit like that, man oh man, I’m all for it. Next: “How far will you go?” Knowing Camille’s admirable character…. answer: “All the way to the finish line of running the race with Jesus for the prize that awaits her in Heaven,”Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy and happiness of the Lord.” “Liberal”: Fair, reasonable and kind! Like Jesus! “You’ve been annoying to me for a long time!” : Jesus disturbed and annoyed lots of people. Because He told them the truth! And people just couldn’t stand it. They could’nt stand Him! So they killed Him. They ‘hated’ the truth. Especially any truth about themselves, that threatened to challenge the error in their lives, disturbing their convenient comfort zone.People who refuse to change, can’t stand the truth that challenges them to. “Telling the truth like this is unethical.” :There are really ‘no’ sound morals or ethics in the way people are treated in ‘abberrant fundamentalism’ of BJU. The Power Brokers just ‘change the goal posts’ whenever they need to. And rewrite their egotistical man-centered ‘Godless ‘ man-made rules, sending any people ‘away’ ,who ‘get’ in the way. Without a sound foundation of morals and ethics, which only authentic christianity teaches, no fundamentalist system could possibly ‘know’, what real, true Christian ethics even look like! Jesus Christ would ‘never’ have anything to do with the unethical practices of people , who ‘celebrate’ the kinds of ‘sins’ that fundamentalist power brokers in the pulpits ‘tolerate.’ Neither the leaders or their followers , understand what sin is anymore! “Get over it!” : Jesus did! Are’nt you glad! He rose from the dead. Glory Allelujiah! “You’re a coward!” : Cowards don’t run away from the serious challenges from difficult circumstances, not even when their world seems to be falling apart all around them, as happens when good people are spiritually abused by bad people in the Church. Courageous people choose to ‘leave ‘abusive people ,places, and sick environments, and ‘run into ‘the arms of God, trusting him to make sense of everything that is so upsetting. “No doubt the trouble is with you!” : Funny thing how all the most immediate effects of the ‘trouble’ seem to leave and evaporate, once you get away from the people who have been directly ‘causing it!’ “You are hurting the Body of Christ!”: More like ‘the truth exposed about the BJU abuse of good people, is embarrassing’ the reputation of BJU which has never been a good one , not since day one. “You’ve become what you hate!” No. Absolutely not! Camille ‘stopped’ giving BJU style fundamentalism, any more room in her life, and any more ‘illegal authority’ , to try to ‘stop her’ from becoming what Jesus Christ created her to be and become. Like HIM!!! And the ‘more’ Camille became ‘like Jesus’, and I would include Grant in this equation too, the ‘less’ they were compatible’ with this toxic environment , where Jesus Christ was ‘not really welcome’, for the Holy, humble, graceful, loving, merciful, compassionate person that He really ‘is’, not in the attitudes, thinking, mindset and practices of the BJU upper management power brokers. “You’ve become what you hate!”: It’s easier to hate than love. That’s why there’s so much hate for good people, who stop letting misguided people, stomp all them anymore, and tell people ‘why’ they won’t let them do that. The ‘stompers’ hate being told, they have no right to stomp! “You were a spoiled brat back then, and you still are!”: Funny thing about such broad brushed false judgements! The ‘judgers’ never provide evidence! Because there ‘isn’t’ any! Withdrawing from people who hurt you, takes away their ‘bag of marbles!’ And people like that ‘can’t stand the words No and Stop! removing other people ‘s false rights of ‘entitlement’ over our lives, is taking away wrongful control and power, about which they cry ‘persecution’ and ‘attack’! They play the false martyr and the victim. Such people act in the most illogical ways imaginable. “If you even ‘are’ a Christian!” : It never cease to amaze me, how, as soon as the high and mighty strongly disapprove of ‘anything’ that ‘irritates’ them about another believer’s personal life, they start pointing the ‘you’re not saved’ finger at them! So a resentful, angry , unhappy mere human’s negative opinion, of someone else’s spirituality and character, becomes a convenient put down – judgemental ‘accurate’ ????evaluation of this other person’s salvation!!!???I don’t think so! Fundy Bingo really tells the sad story of how unhappy these people are ,who remain still trapped in this cheerless, graceless system. May God set them all free some day. And everybody says ‘amen.’

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