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  1. I recently re read the Ted Mercer blogspot posts again.My admiration for the Late Ted Mercer seems to grow with each reading. I see the wonderful man as something of ‘a folk hero’ to me, and a most interesting focal point, for studying the social / cultural battle between an aberrant version of christianity of which BJU / fundamentalism really was…in the fifties …sick / toxic / such crazy time that no sane gifted conscionable adult could possibly remain on campus.. a dreadful climate that literally drove good, far better, healthier people far, far from it … and the rising development of a little college that, like ‘the engine that believed it could’,just got better and better as it kept trying and grew. Ted Mercer’s Godly character, personable personality, and integrity, guiding Bryan college for 30 years was such a gift to that place! To see how God rewarded Ted for his faithful service to stand up for truth and tell it like it is re the early fifties BJU nightmare! The so positive / healthier climate of ‘real’ Christian expression of Evangelicalism, in Bryan College. Reading Bryan’s history, one can almost see God’s handprint of Grace upon the place. Apparently Ted Mercer knew all students by name! And as soon as he took up the helm of guiding the good ship Bryan College, he began seeking regional accreditation for the college. Now ‘that’ was hard work. Apparently that process took 13 years! I so admire the man and his brave wife for what they endured at the crazy minds of those two ‘mad-men’Bobs of the BJU Gulag. I re read Mrs. Mercer’s letter two times. What a wonderful help mate she was to her husband! She supported him so bravely. I think she must have been well versed in the bold women of the old Testament. She came on so strong to BJ like Queen Esther and Deborah! Man I bet the devil would never wan to mess with her! I wonder if they ever did, have to take the ‘two Bobs’ to court? According to Bryan web site history archives, Ted worked elsewhere for three years until after the BJU controversy quieted down before he accepted the job at Bryan in 1956. Before I ever read about or studied Fudamentalism and evangelicalism, seeing a Christian college being called a now, after reading what a religious gulag of craziness BJU was when Ted was fired, and reading what a positive warm accepting place Bryan College is now, it’s like, BJU comes from a different planet! Now the words Christian Liberal Arts College mean a whole lot more to my understanding. And the real freedom in Christ for the best of God’s loving will and purposes for the wonderful young people who go through this fine college! Wow, what a difference God’s grace and ‘real christianity’ makes!

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