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To the mama whose daughter gets this dress,

I’ve written this letter:

July, 2005

My dear friend,

I just want you to know how sorry I am. I’ve been praying for you for over a month now as I made this little dress for you and your daughter. I’ve been praying that you would have a blissful pregnancy with lots of happy memories of your daughter, that you would have an easy birth, and that you would feel God drawing very close to you right now. I promise to keep praying for you.

I know how confused and overwhelmed you are and how much you just wish you could hear your baby cry and see her kick and wriggle. I know how much your heart aches. And my heart is aching with you too. I’m so sorry. I know you miss her so much.

Our daughter Elise was born to Heaven four years ago this month, and we still miss her terribly. One of the hardest things about what you and I have endured is finding memories to comfort us. We’ve had such a short time with our girls. But maybe this little dress will help. A volunteer made a dress for my Elise, and I still treasure that little outfit. As I was making this dress for you and your daughter, I thought it looked so girly, all pink with roses and pearls. Every little girl needs to wear a string of pearls!

While I still cry very easily and still miss my Elise very much, it’s so encouraging to imagine the joy that your daughter and mine are relishing in a perfect place that has no tears. I know that God will someday wipe away all these tears, and I’ll be praying that you find your hope and comfort in His gracious kindness.

I’d love to talk sometime if you wish. But even if you would rather not, please know that I’m remembering you.

Camille K. Lewis
Für Elise Chapter
Threads of Love