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B is for Rabbit and C is for Brownie

Today is “C” day. Our “B is for Rabbit” (according to Isaac) day last week went pretty well. We colored a Brachiosaurus. We ate Bananas. We played Baseball. We cut the Fuzzy Pumper Barbershop’s hair. We made Bubbles. We forgot to make Banana pudding — maybe today?

Today we sang “C is for Cookie.” We were supposed to make Cookies, but Isaac wanted brownies, but they are made with Cocoa and Chocolate Chips. We’re going to play with our police Car later, and then make a Caterpillar and/or a Cat which we will Color.

3 thoughts on “B is for Rabbit and C is for Brownie

  1. How cute… I haven’t posted with you yet, but I just wanted to let you know I’m following your blog, and how much I’m enjoying it. I may not have kids, but I love them anyway! And if I ever have any, I want to have your attitude and fun as I go. Thanks for keeping this outstanding blog!

  2. There is a website that has all sorts of ideas for that. It is called Letter of the day or something.

    I hope you are having a great break with the boys.

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