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“D is for Bracio-dinosaur.”

We haven’t quite figured out the idea that words start with letters. We’ll get it.

But today is “D-Day.” We Dumped Dominoes and counted their Dots. We watched Dinosaurs. We read a book about Dogs. We gathered the things in the house that would make good Drums (an oatmeal container, a gift box, a coffee can, a tambourine, and the tinker toy container). We made Drumsticks out of the tinker toys. We listened to songs and Drummed along.

We also Drew a big picture of Daddy and cut him out. Mommy did give Daddy 11 fingers accidentally, but it’s a start. Daddy “walked” in the Door and kissed everyone. Isaac insisted that 2-D Daddy go upstairs and work on the computer and make phone calls. Somewhere 2-D Daddy broke his arm. He now has an Elmo bandaid on his injury. He’s still eating lunch in the kitchen. I’m sure 2-D Daddy will need a nap soon.

Somewhere in the mix, Isaac had a tinker toy snack. Ugh. . . . have to wait for my surprise in the next three days.

Later we’ll go on a Daisy hunt.

4 thoughts on ““D is for Bracio-dinosaur.”

  1. There’s some great stuff on Starfall. I’m loving reading your progress through the alphabet…keep on giving me ideas!

  2. you’re an amazing woman. it was good to know you this semester. i had fun with you all at lunch the other day. i’m sure our paths will cross in the future.

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