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“He saved Daniel from the power of the lions.”

Peace to you! Abundant peace!
I decree that Daniel’s God shall be worshiped and feared in all parts of my kingdom.
He is the living God, world without end. His kingdom never falls.
His rule continues eternally.
He is a savior and rescuer.
He performs astonishing miracles in heaven and on earth.
He saved Daniel from the power of the lions.

King Darius’ Decree.


We continued our theme of men of valor with our playing today. We’ve done David, Jonah, and Rach, Shach, and Benny. Today was Daniel. Get a load of our fiercesome lions there in their den (Daniel’s in the blue).


A triceratops, wholly mammoth, Superman (you can’t see him), a Halloween mask, a T-rex, an actual lion (puppet), a bear, an Elmo, a Heffalump, and a Cookie Monster. Oh, and a little guy in Scooby Doo jammies. Notice the snarls on their hungry lips. Pretty scary bunch.

I learned something though in re-reading this story several times today. Go see for yourself. There’s really very little in the story about Daniel or the lions or even the angel. The story is about very powerful human beings vs. an All-Powerful God. The king got it wrong when he caved into his toadies’ demands — really wrong — and he was beside himself. He couldn’t eat or sleep. He listened to the wrong people who cajoled his ego. And he seems to cross his fingers that God will take care of Daniel even as he follows the law — the written-in-stone cultural mandate that seems bigger than all of them.

The next morning everybody was still in one piece — lions, Daniel, and king. God’s angel shut the lion’s mouths. And I hear in the king’s final decree an honest humility that God was the true King of Kings, One Who doesn’t goof and send his honorable servants into the lions’ den.


I’ll never get over how God does not throw His children to the carnivores, but pagan human systems do. And even in this fallen world, He’s there to clamp those mouths shut for our safety. Just because.

Addendum: I’m bumping this up to remind myself of this story right now.

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