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Send a Shepherd to Shepherd Us!


When Mommy comes down with a cold, we all kinda chill. Gavin was having trouble sleeping, and Isaac is on the brink of being napless altogether. So we pulled out Prince of Egypt. That has to be one of my all-time favorite movies. I never get tired of it.

Watch that entire clip up there. The creators really capture the burden of the God’s people in Egypt and then the courage of Jochabed. When you think about what children meant to the Israelites — how even in the womb they are part of God’s promise — it’s no wonder that, unlike their pagan contemporaries, murdering the babies was the worst insult.

Isaac and Gavin were both mezmorized at those alligators, hippos, and sailing vessels. As was their Mommy. Isaac gets very concerned about Moses in his basket cradle — a perfect chance to explain that God was always watching over him, as He says He watches over us.

And that led to Isaac, of course, changing the broom into a shepherd’s staff and the pillows into sheep. Gavin was Rameses, and I got to be the Mommy. I don’t know which Mommy — the Hebrew or Egyptian one — I actually was, but I guess I was a bit typecast. We re-enacted the plagues and the parting of the Red Sea too.

So today we read the story in our favorite storybook. I’m so tickled to see how both the film and the book highlight the world’s need for a Savior and how God takes care to deliver us. Amazing.