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On Sunday He gave me power divine

In this vale of sorrows, we should be careful about allowing abundance to con us out of hunger.

It is not only the best sauce; it is also the choicest daily remind that the agony of the world is by no means over. As long as the passion goes on, we are called to share it as we can—especially if, by the mere luck of the draw, we have escaped the worst pains of it. Do all you can to help, of course; but don’t, for all that, forget that you are also called simply to bear. In the end, the agony lies too deep for any cure except the cross. Fast, therefore, until His Passion brings the world home free. He works through any crosses He can find. In a time of affluence, fasting may well be the simplest one of all.

Robert Farrar Capon, The Supper of the Lamb