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Grafted In

We have been shielded from the awful nature of Christmas and no longer feel afraid at the coming near of God Almighty.  We have selected from the Christmas story only the pleasant bits, forgetting the awesome nature of an event in which the God of the universe, its Creator and Sustainer, draws near to this little planet, and now speaks to us.  The coming of God is not only a message of joy, but also fearful news for anyone who has a conscience.

It is only by facing up to the fearfulness of the event that we can begin to understand the incomparable blessing.  God comes into the midst of evil and death, to judge the evil in the world – and in us.  And while he judges us, he loves us, he purifies us, he saves us, and he comes to us with gifts of grace and love.  He makes us happy as only children know….  God is with us and we are no longer homeless.  A piece of the eternal home is grafted into us.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer