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Pick a Pact.

One may preach a covenant of grace more clearly than another. . . . But when they preach a covenant of works for salvation, that is not truth.

Anne Hutchinson at Trial

7 thoughts on “Pick a Pact.

  1. my favorite part of the examination:

    hutchinson: what have i said or done?

    winthrop: why for your doings, this you did harbour and countenance those that are parties in this faction that you have heard of.

    hutchinson: that’s a matter of conscience, sir.

    winthrop: your conscience you must keep or it must be kept for you.

    to which i respond: that doesn’t make sense.

  2. Kind of funny to see AH lifted up as a defender of religious liberty. Maybe somebody should go read a few texts of her life. She had her own brand of harm that she did, and she did hurt people. I think her regard for religious liberty, similar to that of the Puritans, was that HER religious liberty should be guaranteed….

  3. Not funny at all, Jeri. Remember who got banished! Not only did Hutchinson make headway for the Quakers, but also she aligned herself with Roger Williams — a man way ahead of his time when it came to fighting theonomy and championing religious freedom (a.k.a. separation of church and state). Historians (both secular and religious from all denominations — even those who call themselves contemporary “puritans”) agree that she was fighting corruption among the powerful, male elites. And the primary documents prove the same.

  4. Blog Owner’s NOTE: I had chosen not to publish this comment when Jeri Massi wrote it because it was too hurtful. Now, three years later, the light needs to shine. I’ve post-dated it, so that it falls in the correct order.

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    AH herself was corrupt. She was both an Antinomian and an adherent to a watered down version (or “Puritanized” version) of Inner Light, which was the first thing that made her so damnable to the Puritans.

    I’ve read the trial transcript. She artfully outmaneuvered the prosecution with a clear grasp of how to use the legal process to her best ends. It was beautiful. And then, on the verge of acquittal, she just had to rely on that make believe divine light of hers, the same one that caused her to announce her supposed direct revelations that some of her rivals for power were not saved, and declare that the Puritan authority was doomed. What a dope! On those days, that was sedition, and she knew it full well. But she was so full of herself that she said it anyway, completely unbidden: the mark of prideful downfall. And down she fell.

    Go ahead and compare yourself to her, and maybe the Lord will not make it stick. I hope He treats you, as I hope He treats me, with kindness and grace. But I will add this. Others for the name of Christ have suffered far worse than you have suffered and made far less of it. One of these days the choice is going to crystallize for you: yourself or God’s glory. I hope you choose aright.

  5. “Others for the name of Christ have suffered far worse than you have suffered and made far less of it.”

    So, if I understand her correctly, take away the nice language and it says this: SUCK IT UP, WHINY LOSER.

    Jesus would offer a place of comfort and rest and safety. NOT CONDEMNATION.

    This is so fundy.

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