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McCain and Me

In October 2000, while I was still writing my dissertation about the separatist’s not-so-separated involvement in political affairs, one of BJU’s most famous and politically savvy “sons” passed away due to skin cancer. Terry Haskins died way too young, we all agree, and he was ours in many ways.

I attended the funeral in Bob Jones University’s Rodeheaver Auditorium and sat on the 2nd-to-last row next to my dear friend Anne. The service was moving and heartfelt. Someone came in late and noisy and sat right behind us on the last row. And he. would. not. shut. up. When he and his pal were jabbering through the whole choir number, I passive-aggressively turned and scowled with an expression that was intended to say, “HUSH!!”

A few minutes later my friend clawed my knee to get my attention. She was waaaaay ahead of me in figuring out the person behind that gravely, unwanted voice accompanied by a slow, melufluous Southern drawl — John McCain and Lindsey Graham.

So except for the time I saw John Goodman’s back in the New Orleans airport, this is my only brush with greatness: I scowled at John McCain.

7 thoughts on “McCain and Me

  1. ok so today in my first american lit class, we went around and introduced ourselves. the prof wanted us to give all the standard information (name, year, major) plus something else. he said he really liked celebrity encounter stories. just about everybody had one to give, except for me! so i was seriously contemplating telling your story and passing it off as my own, because it is such a good story. but i didn’t want to get expelled.

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