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A Gadfly

How to be a Gadfly:

  • Pick a cause that you’re passionate about, and ride that horse for all you’re worth.
  • Start small. Your cause may be an item of earth-shaking significance or something utterly obscure, but you’re more likely to get attention, and risk serious consequences, if your views push people’s buttons. So be content with small victories in the beginning and work up from there.
  • Share your views. Write letters to the editors of newspapers and to your elected officials. Create a Web site, or visit one of the existing ‘gadfly’ sites to talk with like-minded persons.
  • Be prepared to swim against the current.
  • Take heart from all the gadflies who have gone before. Know that you’re part of a proud tradition.

1 thought on “A Gadfly

  1. I’m becoming more of a gadfly as I get older. I think some of the other members of our elder board will be happy when I rotate off this June. 🙂

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