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The Bad Old Days

4 thoughts on “The Bad Old Days

  1. Pffffftt!!! Snorkle!

    So funny! And so sad, because it keeps cycling. Idealize the Victorian period? Yep. And now let’s idealize the 1950s as well. Not only idealize, let’s make it “normative.”

    But it was nice to see “that” kind of husband in the 1950s, Dick Van Dyke as kind and helpful, loving his wife through chores.

  2. I like to say, that I am not above doing dishes, and my wife is not beneath working a job. I’ll pitch in around the house if there is a need, and she is willing to work if we need money. As it stands, I work and she takes care of the home, but things are that way because it works, not because I force roles- and I do help her often. I would not want to be married to a woman who felt denigrated in a housewife role… because much of the time the “traditional setup” does work best.

  3. Okay, when you posted videos from Marry Poppins I mentioned how much I LOVE that movie. Well, now’s my time to say that I am a Dick van Dyke nut! Over the past couple of years my wife has bought me the complete collection of the Dick van Dyke show. She tells me I’m a lot like him…in all the good ways, of course. 🙂

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