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They didn’t have blogs back in the day. They had speeches. They had theses. They had pamphlets. They had tracts. They had samizdat. To get to a lot of those documents you either have to choose a famous one — like I just did in that listing — or know how to operate a microfiche machine or just hang out in library archives. If you’re lucky, they are permanent — somewhere.

Blogs are more fleeting. There are more spelling errors, more goofy lolcat pictures, more viral videos. But they are more . . . present than any of the others. And more dangerous.

You probably don’t know who Ted Mercer is. The first time I heard about him was ~1993 when I was listening to my first graduate audition in the Division of Speech. A young man from Bryan College was applying for a graduate assistantship. And one of the senior, hoary-headed members of our faculty said to us all (something like), “Are we sure we should let him in? He is, after all, from Bryan.” Her words were pregnant with a mysterious and sinister meaning.

Now I was the youngest faculty member in this group. And . . . I’m a little bit clueless as I’ve said before. So, in typical fashion, I just asked earnestly, “What do you mean? What’s wrong with Bryan?” Another less-junior-than-I colleague nodded and agreed, “Yeah, I’d like to know too! I have no idea.” And the senior member just sighed and shook her head, disappointed with these children these days about how they know nothing of the past. . . . I think. I don’t know why she was sighing. But I never heard the details that day.

So I’m going to tell you the story. With the actual documents themselves. A friend just passed them along to me last night, and I stayed up too late reading them.

If Ted were alive today and had been fired from Bob Jones University, he’d have his own blog where he’d publish such things. But in 1953, all he had was a mimeograph machine and an address book. So let’s take a look. . . .

4 thoughts on “ted.mercer.blogspot.com — About

  1. I see that he served 30 years a Bryan colleges president. God had something better for him.

  2. Have so enjoyed reading Ted’s story. His courage, confidence, and determination to ‘speak the truth’ and ‘not’ take, put up with, or tolerate the evil of his good character being villified,is so inspiring. What an example of christian character!

  3. Igraduated from BJU in 1053 (yes, am really old, lol). By the grapevine I heard the following year that Dr. Mercer had been fired and written a letter to students. Not to me, tho, so I was so happy to find his statement on this website. Thanks to those who did this. He was my favorite prof.,a wonderful teacher. How sad. Mean spiritedness and lack of honesty and transparency. That is the sad part

    1. Hi Hanni, I just found your post re: the late Ted Mercer’s controversial exit from BJU. It’s rather shocking to see the abnormal ‘finger-print’ of strange and bizarre behavior, in the crazyness that transpired between the confused lives of the two Bobs and Ted Mercer back then! And to read of such extremely irrational / illogical / UN christian behavior, coming from professing believers, against the very person who was BJ’s ‘right hand man’! Fortunately you graduated from that place, with your good heart and moral integrity ‘intact.’ I think it was such a fine,good way to ‘honor’ a graduated soldier of the Cross, as Camille has done, by taking the time and energy to create a blog-spot for this good man, a la micro-fiche archives. It takes a good person like Camille, to help tell the ‘real story’ of another good person who is no longer here to tell it himself. It’s interesting that no one on the BJU brass, in the past sixty years, since the early fifties ‘ever’writes or says a single word about Ted Mercer!It’s almost like the man never existed.But he was such an honorable, honest man, whose ‘real story’, is one we should never forget. He was a good man who refused to let the ‘madness of two ‘bad men’, the ruling king Bobs’, destroy him. It simply defies all normal/ rational / social behavior, and rational thinking, for two university leaders to have gone on such a childish jealousy infantile emotional, out of control, ‘rampage’, against another good Christian man like they did in the early fifties! Against a person who never did them any harm or wrong! They basically controlled the entire BJU campusm faculty and students, by ‘fear’! Such a tyranny of twisted truths about real Christianity. I think it’s something of a miracle of God’s protective Grace, that graduates come out of BJU with ‘any’ of their Christian faith left, and still ‘intact!’ But then, God knows who His ‘real friends’ are. God knows those who ‘really love’ Him. And those who ‘really love’ Him, ‘really’ obey Him, from the heart. Those are the kinds of Christians I want to associate with, fellowship with, and be around. I really believe God wants us to give Him permission to ‘make us’ what He wants us to be. But the BJU brass, with that ‘controlling / religious spirit’, want to ‘make people what ‘they’ want them to be. Like, coercively forcing people, into their ‘distorted mould’ of what they believe a Christian should be. Romans 12:1-2 about ‘don’t let the world squeeze you into its mould.’I think BJU type fundamentalism, tries to do that to people. Squeeze people into their ‘artificial mould of a seriously perverted concept of Christianity.’ A kind of Christianity that just doesn’t look or sound like Jesus at all. Isn’t it wonderful, that Ted Mercer ‘never let the two king Bobs succeed at trying to squeeze him into their mould! Reminds me of a truth statement a speaker said at Steubenville conference weekend, June 2011: “when you want to grow, some people have to go.” When it’s illegal to the BJU brass, for anyone to have a different opinion, it’s time to change environments! I’m so glad you found the Ted Mercer Blog spot. It’s so comforting to be affirmed by that which is the truth. May God raise up many more fine Christian leaders like Ted Mercer. And everybody says AMEN!

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