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I remember.

Yes. I do. I remember.


3 thoughts on “I remember.

  1. I’m not sure I can vote for either party at this point. I’m looking at each individual with little regard to party, and if there is a third party candidate, they are getting serious consideration.

  2. I remember the party that loves abortion–48 million dead babies–I remember the party that embraces the gay rights agenda–I remember the party that Hollywood loves and the sin they promote–I remember the party that brought us the Great Society programs that have devastated the inner city (I am a landlord that has witnessed the generational cycle of welfare and children having babies, drugs, sloth, etc.)

    I remember the party that has a fit anytime someone proposes spending be cut, even when it is slowing th rate of growth of program (not real cuts).

    I remember the party that Planned Parenthood loves–I remember.

    I have little faith in either party but much faith in Christ.

    1. And yet, you never mention Jesus, Brion. Just tired ol’ moralistic platitudes.

      Sigh. . . . I remember. I remember it all too well.

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