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Like old times. . . .

I was feeling sentimental yesterday when I read Anne Sokol’s truncated but articulate review of Tedd Tripp’s bait-and-switch book Shepherding A Child’s Heart. Sokol did good work. She’s right, of course, about Tripp. And the comments that followed were oh-so-reminiscent of five years ago when I was also couch-bound with a sick child and a sick self arguing with spanking-as-sacrament fundies. Good times.

Someday I’ll find the “letters” somebody from that site wrote my employer telling me to be fired because of what I said. Someday. I always do.

But today? Oh today. . . . the site publisher had to be yin to Sokol’s yang. He just couldn’t resist. And since most recovering fundies will simply respond with “tl;dr,” I will condense it for you:

kids are inferior.

Cute, Blumer. Real cute. And yeah, you defend it with the conservative quip of “politically incorrect,” but that’s not it. It’s biblically incorrect. It’s downright pagan.

And before you and your cohorts jump on me with the endless cumin-mincing insults, let me just say that this is just too perfect an unwitting condensation of all that is wrong with fundamentalist parenting. It has roots, but not in Scripture.

I explain it more thoroughly in another, much older post. But for now, I’ll just say, there’s no Jesus in this. None.

No wonder they wanted me fired.

5 thoughts on “Like old times. . . .

  1. “many seem to begin with a lofty concept about what the Bible ought to teach… then go to Scripture and—surprise!—find it there.”

    I’m LOL at this. Really?! Is there anyone who does this better than fundies?

    1. Fundies really have to awarded the academy award for being the best at doing this kind of thing. Their minds are already made up,ABOUT EVERYTHING!!! Which is why nobody can tell them ANYTHING. Some of them though, secretly seek truth, but are afraid to tell anybody that they are searching. That’s a no no in fundy land, to admit that you are seeking truth about anything. Because you are already supposed to have ‘all the truth’ which is of course, that religious hogwash that spews from the fundy pulpits on endless Sundays. ! So what they already KNOW to be THE TRUTH, they simply go to the magic book to find the perfect texts to arrogantly ‘carve out’, in order sew their ‘ready made already know truths’ UP with. I love the Holy Scriptures. I love the Word of God. I don’t love what fundies do with the Bible, disrespectfully using the Bible like an instant religious dispenser of ‘ready to use’ pre-made conclusions, to try to shove down their followers throats with. My prayer for fundies is, “Let my people go that they may worship me in Spirit and in Truth.” God say his thoughts, his words, his ways, are higher than ours.” Isaiah 55. Something ‘else’, these fundies never bother to read.

  2. “October 17…Everything ominous happens then. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle of days. I’m officially crawling under the covers forever and aye on that day…”

    This is only quasi-related to your topic, but I had to comment on the day (Oct. 17) after reading one of your links.

    That’s the day (Oct. 17 – different year) of my first date with my wife.

    And before you ask – yes – 24 years & 2 kids now.

  3. Camille, A National Canadian newspaper, just ran a full page expose article on Saturday, November 12 th. on Monster Pearle, and his awful book: To Train Up A Child. Look up http://www.nationalpost.com and on cover page, click on item 4. on right side of front page.” God wants you to hit children” and you’ll get the article. It’s a good expose of Pearle, sending this necessary information and warning about the man and his terrible book, to more people and a much wider audience. Thank God for good ‘secular’ newspapers! Have a great day!

  4. “Kids are inferior???!!!!” Camille remember when you and I and our wonderful husbands, first laid our eyes on our first and second, (and Paul and I, our third,) full term, healthy, fully alive,live birth precious little ones???? And when we first held them? We were holding onto real live treasures created by God. ! I wonder when the last time was, that the author of that awful ‘kids are inferior’ comment, actually ‘read’ the beautiful creation story,in which God saw everything that He had made, as good? Or the Gospels, where Jesus said “suffer not the little children to come unto me, for such is the Kingdom of God.?” If Jesus referred to the importance of having a childlike faith to see the kingdom of God, when explaining to Nicodemus the famous words, “ye must be born again”, Jesus certainly could not have meant, ‘be inferior’ like little children, in order to see my inferior kingdom!! I’m exaggerating here to make a point. It doesn’t take much reading about fundamentalism to realize the obvious evidence of fairly rampant anti-intellectualism in their peculiar ways of thinking. But has ‘stupidity and ignorance’ somehow become a virtue to their strange culture as well?

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