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Put It On The Ground

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If you want a raise in pay, all you have to do
Is go and ask Bob 3 for it, and he will give it to you!
He will give it to you, my friends, he will give it to you!
A raise in pay without delay; he will give it to you!

Ohhh, put it on the ground, spread it all around,
Dig it with a hoe, and it will make your flowers grow!

For the men who own the ministries, I’m shedding bitter tears!
They haven’t made a single dime in over eighty years.
In over eighty years, my friends, in over eighty years,
Not one thin dime in all that time, in over eighty years.

It’s fun to work on holidays, or when the day is done;
Why should they pay us overtime for having so much fun?
For having so much fun, my friends, for having so much fun.
Pay overtime would be a crime for having so much fun. Ohhh…

The men who own the ministries, they own no bonds and stocks.
They own no mountain Tryon homes or gems the size of rocks.
They own no Nazi looted art or racing GTO’s,
Because they pay their “co-laborers” such fancy salaries. Ohhh….

13 thoughts on “Put It On The Ground

  1. Kindness doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s just . . . you’re so talented. Why spend your time this way? My wish for you is that you get past your bad experience at Bob Jones and put them / it out of your mind completely. Being constantly in attack mode isn’t going to allow you to heal. You need closure, not a crusade.

    1. I don’t even know who you are. You don’t even know what I am doing. And you seem to assume that some singular blog post can encompass all that I am doing and you can judge all that I am and my success and then wrap it up in some left-handed compliment.

      We’re done here.

  2. Camille, Keep up the good work. I completely understand where you are coming from.

  3. To be fair, I read your blog all the time. You’ve been rather articulate about what it is you’re doing here. Based on your writing and my reading of same, I’d say I get it.

    You can take the compliment at face value. I meant it.

    You can take the criticism at face value too. Your blog drips with a bitterness, and it’s not healthy.

  4. Ross, for you, I wish the gift of self-awareness. See, like the tone-deaf American Idol tryout, you think you’re helpful and are awesome. But to the rest of the world, you sound like a patronizing jackass.

    Listen to yourself, for God’s sake–or, barring that, use the conversational equivalent of Autotune, so you can at least fake it. Put differently: if you can’t be Christina, at least try to be Britney.

  5. Ross is just precious, isn’t he? I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you using your immense talents to expose a system that’s made a habit out of emotionally enslaving people for many years, Camille.

  6. So posting a reality poem about BJU’s exploitation of good hard working faculty and other campus workers,is a crime? Anyone with a brain who has taken the time to read the Ted Mercer blog, would ‘know’ that money was the biggest irritation to the first two bobs in the early fifties! And next to money, was work schedules. TWO reasons why BJU could not be accredited! If they had to give anyone a decent raise, or a decent wage, that meant that they would lose their sphengali grip on the total control they wanted to have on money! The mere suggestion that people were being underpaid was taken as a great offense, and made both of them very bitter and resentful. The fact that their faculty actually ‘deserved’ to be paid a fair wage, apparently didn’t make it to their neanderthal thinking. They believed they had a right to work people hard and wear them down and out. And if people complained, well ‘they’ had a problem, as they would only be unfairly judged. And that was usually seen as an imaginary spiritual problem, something that needed to be disciplined and punished. That’s what the poem or song with picture is all about! Good people who work hard, in service for training and teaching young adults in a christian university, should not have to go begging for decent wages! And they should not have to find themselves on the ‘outs’ as employees, on sudden firings, with no warning, like a cruel sniper attack from two bimbo dictators, some firing notices of which they hear second and third hand. I just wish the parents of these students, would wake up, stop sending their kids to this awful place, and BOYCOTT THE DAMN PLACE. Ross can’t see what others see, that’s obvious. But that’s no excuse to criticize Camille. It’s ‘her’ blog, Ross, so BUG OFF and GET A LIFE already! Sorry for the rant, Camille, but this BJU negative culture of snap judging good people of ‘bitterness’ is so mindless. If Ross had ever read Ted Mercer’s letters on your blog, he would see what the rest of us see. An awful place, BJU, that has worked people to the bone, and left people feeling like they’ve somehow ‘sold their soul’ to something that turned out to be ‘the exact opposite’ of what they believed it to be when they first went on staff there. IT is a sad song or poem, and the pictie is a good representation of what people have felt like who have been used there. people need to see these poems or songs, as the words help all of us remeber where wev’e come from, and where we would never want to cause other people to go or experience. People who brand us as bitter just because they don’t like what they read or hear, are just emotionally constipated, and pomes and posts like these ‘remind’ them of their ‘own pathetic condition!’ Wer’e all getting better. And ‘not’ bitter.

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