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How can we build the Kingdom?

You want to spread the Gospel? You want to make future generations more receptive to Jesus? You want your family to know God? You want to make a difference?

This couldn’t be more simple. It’s not easy, of course. But it’s pretty simple.

Stop hitting. Stop. Just stop.

Bomb in the Brain.

6 thoughts on “How can we build the Kingdom?

  1. The answer is not therapy–it’s Jesus! This video is humanism at its finest. Abuse is reprehensible, and that’s clear in the Bible. But much of what this video says undermines Scriptural foundations. So the problem is abuse, right? No, the problem lies much deeper in a twisted view of who God is and of our relationship to Him. Jesus alone can stop the cycle of abuse. This video does not offer solutions; it doesn’t even diagnose the root problem accurately. It only identifies byproducts of the sin problem.

    Also, the speaker asserts that giving people more reasoning and evidence isn’t going to change their minds beacuse that’s a bogus sequence, so I’m assuming that he is not trying to appeal to me through reason and evidence. But isn’t he using reason and evidence to support his claims? Perhaps he is trying to get me to identify the truama that happened to me when I was a child and how that shaped my ideology. But how do we know that his reasoning and evidence were not sought for from his own bias? How do we know that his ideological framework is not influenced by adverse childhood experiences of his own? Are we just supposed to trust him as a therapist? Has he overcome his own truama-based thinking?

    With all these inherent contradictions, thank heavens we have the Bible–an objective source of truth–and the Holy Spirit, who teaches God’s Truth to our hearts. I don’t have to take some man’s word for it.

  2. Wow. That needs to be shown to every parent, but especially parents in fundieland. Heartbreaking that parents are being deceived into thinking they are helping their children when in fact they are permanently damaging them.

    I had one specific incident of abuse as a toddler that I’ve always thought was the point where I completely lost trust in my dad. The one shot in the clip that showed the view of the child in the crib looking up at her father brought it all back, and I started to hyperventilate.

    Your statement bears repeating: “Stop hitting…Just stop.”

  3. I used to work for social services, and I feel that this video was very accurate. Sometimes I would see children come in who had experienced enormous, unspeakable trauma, and you could just look in their eyes and see that something was simply broken. We would often look at each other and say sadly, “You just can’t fix that!” I left social services and became a teacher of young underprivileged children because I hoped that maybe, just maybe, I could love some of them early enough and often enough to prevent or ward off that broken look in their eyes.

  4. MP says: “Jesus alone can stop the cycle of abuse.” I have to disagree. The perpetrator has to do the stopping. In the end, what you believe may be right or wrong, but you will be held accountable for all your actions. Saying “well, Jesus didn’t stop it” won’t cut it. I think that is in the Bible too.

  5. BP, human determination and decision, however good and earnest it may be, cannot stop sin; only Jesus can, and thankfully He did at Calvary. In fact, He is the One who works in man to do good–we cannot do good on our own. Christ makes it all possible: without him, we are all life-long perpetrators. We choose to sin, certainly; no one is denying that. But what would we need Jesus for if we could fix the problem of abuse ourselves?

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