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Washing Feet

“I’m not the servant!” Peter said.

“Nor am I!” said Matthew.

Quietly, Jesus got up from the table, took off his robe, picked up a basin of water, knelt down, and started to wash his friends’ feet.

“You can’t,” Peter said. He didn’t understand about Jesus being the Servant King.

“If you don’t let me wash away the dirt, Peter,” Jesus said, “you can’t be close to me.”

Jesus knew that what people needed most was to be clean on the inside. All the dirt on their feet was nothing compared to the sin inside their hearts.

“Then wash me, Lord!” Peter said, tears filling his eyes. “All of me!”

One by one, Jesus washed everyone’s feet.

“I am doing this because I love you,” Jesus explained. “Do this for each other.”

The Jesus Storybook Bible


7 thoughts on “Washing Feet

  1. and the cool thing is we are supposed to *let* him minister to us…let him love on us. Only then are we able to do it for others. Sometimes we have to stop and fill up with his love, because we’re serving it to others on “empty”.

    “Loves like a hurricane/I am a tree/bending beneath the weight of his wind and mercy” (John Mark McMillan)

    1. The direct opposite of what I was taught in the IFB, where were told every Sunday that church was about “giving, not getting”. Serve, serve, serve and shut up.

  2. Thanks, Camille, for this reminder of the profound lesson of humility from the Master.

    “The Jesus Storybook Bible” so often captures the essence of the Scriptural stories. My favorite is “Going Home,” on Jesus’ resurrection appearance.

    I have a different view than Clint. As a fundamentalist, I have received many, many messages of humility, selfless love and generosity, in word and especially example. What little I have learned has come by God’s grace through people in my IFB church growing up, at my church here in Greenville and at BJU.

  3. This is not in regards to your post, but I have come across your blog and have been intrigued. I knew of you and your husband during my years at BJU (1999-2005). I am thankful for the education I received there, but have since been saddened to realize that the gospel was not clearly taught and applied to our daily lives (I never understood their legalism). Ironic, too, to read that you and your family were introduced to Reformed Theology at Heritage (I believe that is what you have said, please correct me if I am wrong.). That was my experience, too, while attending Heritage Bible Church. It was so refreshing to have God-centered teaching. But it also saddened me to hear that Reformed teaching is not being fully (openly) taught there. I am a member at Redeemer Bible Church in Minnesota where my husband and I now live. The Lord is graciously showing me what Christianity is about – it is all about Christ and His work, and not about me!
    Thought this article might interest you.
    Is this what you have come to believe? This article is from my pastor. I thought it was a great article describing what I grew up believing, but have since come to understand and experience through the gospel of grace.
    May you and your family continue to experience Christ and His grace.
    Marcy (Simons) Wright

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