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There is something beautiful about the times table. Really. It reminds me of knitting.

Isn’t that just lovely? Yum.

And that little square — with more time, wool, and math — becomes this:

Every British baby born into some means has a square knitted shawl — knitted in the round, with shetland wool, in white or off-white. Here’s our family’s version below. Please ignore the exhausted new mother on the left side. Just look at the adorable, much-prayed-for newborn. And his mommy-knitted blanket, a multi-year project that was knitted through many tears and prayers.

All from the multiplication table . . . sorta. They are connected, of course. But it’s not the raw data that creates the tribute to God-given life and answered prayer. It takes that spark of the Divine’s creativity to take the arithmetic and string and make an homage to God’s blessings.

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