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Q. 4. How can you glorify God?

A. By loving him and doing what he commands.

Q. 5. Why ought you to glorify God?
A. Because he made me and takes care of me.

These are pretty esoteric concepts. “Glorify”? How do you make that concrete for a little guy? I’m honestly asking. How would you?

We have used gestures for these two questions — as a hint. For “loving” I wrap my arms around myself and swing back and forth. For “made me,” I put my fists one on top of the other. He guesses, “because he built me and takes care of me,” but I’ll take that. . . . I’m not picky on that one.

3 thoughts on “Q. 4. How can you glorify God?

  1. The best thing I can think of is glorifying God is making others think he’s really great. Like how we talk about sports heroes or other people. I don’t know if that’s really even adequate though.

  2. I think there are at least two aspects:

    One aspect is very verbal, wherein I give glory to God by talking or singing to Him or about Him.

    The second aspect is more focused on the overall lifestyle, with reference to what Fred said, of making other think that God is great.

    Perhaps your sons might understand the word “respect” better? I like how Thomas Watson puts it:

    “Glorifying God has respect to all the persons in the Trinity; it respects God the Father who gave us life; God the Son, who gave His life for us; and God the Holy Ghost, who produces a new life in us; we must bring glory to the whole Trinity.”

  3. Some like to sing, “We give you all the Glory, We give you all the Glory.” But do the ‘we’ really know what that means? Sometimes I wonder if that is mere religious talk and lip service coming from people who really do love God, but don’t really now what Glorifying God really looks like? Giving God the credit for everything good that comes our way? When things go right, thanking Him, having a grateful heart. Sure is important in keeping ‘a merry heart.’ When things go wrong, we thank Him for his Grace through the trials? When we allow His Grace to be welcome in our lives, by continually offering Him the gift of ‘a spirit of humility and obedience’ from our heart, does that have something to do with glorifying God in our lives? When we really love Him do we not also really obey Him and really ‘want’ to obey Him?” Is there not something special about “a willing spirit?” So is there a special connection between, LOVE, GLORIFY and OBEDIENCE in our relationship with God? One of my favorite Integrity Hosanna Praise / worship songs, that comes to mind, is, “Father we love you, we praise you, we adore you, glorify your Name in all the earth… Glorify your name, glorify your name, glorify your Name in all the Earth. 2nd. verse, Jesus.. 3 rd. vs Spirit…the ending of this favorite song, is like Heaven on Earth! The Integrity Hosanna choir, burst out in singing in the Spirit. Talk about Heavenly worship! Because of a lot of grief, from Church hurts, and some sad deaths in the family, I stopped listening to my wonderful praise / worship music tapes for a season that was rather dry. But the Lord is restoring this precious gift and practice to my life. Church hurts, now healed, praise God, and deaths in the family, grief now well healed too, praise God, sort of made the pain too much to bear. And I sort of went into hiding and slumber from being able to listen to my praise and worship music. But I fled into that Strong Tower for refuge,( remember the tower in the Last Battle, C. S. Lewis? Oh, I love that story!!!) and clung to the Word. But BABY I’m back! God has been waking up his little Sleeping Beauty! So how do we glorify God? This is a great thread. I hope more people add to it. I remember a wonderful conference speaker, now with the Lord, challenging us, “How much more would we do for the Lord, if we didn’t care ‘who’ got the credit for it?” Meaning another brother or sister. We do need affirmation. But God knows how to give it to us through his people, when we really need it. We don’t need to ‘go looking for it.’ This is just something that came to me one day. “Find out what pleases God, and do it!” Didn’t Paul say that “The higher way was love?” Love this thread! Love this blog. God Bless the Blog manager!

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