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Thank you for the world so sweet!

Thank you for the world so sweet.
Thank you for the food we eat.
Thank you for the birds that sing.
Thank you God for everything. Amen.

Sometimes we pray that before dinner. To get the kids involved in the praying. Last night the boys were silent as Mommy and Daddy recited, and Daddy quipped, “Well? What happened? Do you think God could hear that?”

Quickly, Isaac retorted, “Yes, nothing can be hid from God.”

Score one for Question 12!

We’re still plodding along on our Catechism Quest. We’re on Question 36, and while Gavin still sounds like Barney Fife most days, we’re getting it. Slowly but surely. Gavin calls the “covenant of works” the “covenant of HOMEwork.” And he asks for motions for each question. The hardest ones so far have been Q28-30 on sin:

Q. 28. What is Sin?
A. Sin is any want of conformity unto, or transgression of the law of God.

Q. 29. What is meant by want of conformity?
A. Not being or doing what God requires.

Q. 30. What is meant by transgression?
A. Doing what God forbids.

That language is pretty hard to feel at 5 and 7yo. “Want of”?

We tried showing them the picture in the little book.

And that just reminds Gavin to say, “Sin is a doggie sleeping or a girl saying no to a kitty.” Not quite.

These need a rewrite. There’s always “We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which we ought not to have done.”┬áBut, for now, we’ve shorted them all to:

Sin is not doing what God says you’re supposed to or doing what God says you’re not supposed to.

I’m not sure it’s much better, but at least it’s in the vernacular.

6 thoughts on “Thank you for the world so sweet!

  1. Sounds like a catechism that is ‘people friendly.’ God gives the good structure ( the catechism ) and the good frame- work ( doctrine ) and ‘user friendly’ language, so it can be explained to the little people. In my amateur research on this, that, and the other, re Christianity ‘a la Protestantism’, it was an interesting observation that I made, that churches which placed a high value on HAVING A LITURGY, seemed to be the ‘very churches’, which have had the best track record of AVOIDING becoming cult-like, in the context of bad, not good for people’s spiritual health, unhealthily controlling, etc. Having a liturgy does not necessarily protect denominations from ‘becoming or being’ liberal, or too liberal. But having a liturgy does seem to make churches sheep safer, people friendly places. Presbyterian churches, do not have a bad reputation. But independent churches which lean on the extremes of man made rules,with strong -willed / strong- minded pastoral control, etc., ‘do’ have bad reputations. They ‘also’ ‘do not have’ what we would call a good for the people liturgy or a catechism. It’s back to that ‘fundamentals’ thing. The ‘fundamentals’ devised to protect the truth, have become a religious idol. Maybe that’s why, they have not made Christians ‘better people’ or better Christians.’ Little children having a catechism explained to them, one to which they can respond with their trusting, child -like language, if little children can ‘benefit’ from it, then it’s got to be ‘people friendly.’ The fundamentalist fundamentals plus the long lists of man made rules, does , don’ts and regulations, simply can’t compete with the ‘good fruit’ produced by the obedience of little children , moms and dads,grown ups, in healthy churches, who respond in co operative- community -relational obedience, to a good liturgy with a good catechism. People are happy and fulfilled when the good structure, liturgy and catechism their churches teach and follow, are able to produce a spiritually healthy environment to learn, fellowship and grow in. Churches with a liturgy and a catechism that produces good fruit in the lives of their members, are churches which have ‘nothing to hide.’ I Like posts like this. Remember, Grace is more powerful than sin.

  2. Camille, I wanted to add something to yesterday’s comments. Was to tired to remember name of a delightful children’s series. If you ver geta chance to invest in the DVD’s called “Davey and Goliath”, you would be very blessed by watchingthem with your little ones. I remember watching them with my eldest, when his brothers were a little too young to appreciate them. Maybe they were still napping. Can’t remember. Steven and I had such fun. In my pre-Lord days, many years before Jesus caught up to me and loved me to knowing Him personally, I do remember feelig something special of a gentle message of God’s love and truth, coming through those delightful tv programs to my life. I just didn’t know what it was at the time. I can’t recommend them enough. You can find them on-line. Be blessed. And have a great day.

  3. Camille, can’t you make some space for us to post some fun comments on your bingo card post? It’s torture to not have some fun playing space to post some sarcatic humor with the bingo card comments. By the way, your bingo card is a real hoot! Thanks so much. I really needed a laugh. A hard day after a really hard week, Felt like giving up. But now after seeing your ludicrous bingo card, I know I must go on with all of my deep, intense eccentricities to drive as many people as I can CRAZY! Like they’ve been doing to me. Now, it’s MY turn. Time for some crazy revenge. Oh God, what a terrible week, I’ve had. But what a hoot this bingo card is.I already feel better. Thanks so much!

  4. Where can I buy this plate with the poem that stRts Thank you for the world so sweet? Or this blessing on anything? Thanks

    1. I wish I knew! My mother-in-law gave us this one. Maybe antique stores?

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