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At the River

Ten years ago, while we were still weeping over our daughter’s still birth, the nation joined me in the weeping. At least that’s how it felt to me. We attended a Thomas Hampson concert later that fall, and he sang Copland’s “At the River” (starting at the 2:45 mark) and I wept all over again.


1 thought on “At the River

  1. Awesome songs! Awesome voice! Wonderful how God the Father used that concert to help you release more ‘healing tears.’ There’s a verse in the Old Testament, where God describes His deep respect for the feelings and emotions of those who suffer and grieve. That He collects our tears in a bottle. I wonder what our tears ‘look like’ in Heaven? If tears have been described as ‘liquid love. Perhaps they have a beautful color in Heaven, a color not seen on Earth? I wonder. Catholics call, babies that went to Heaven, little saints. Elise must be so beautiful! Thanks for posting this song. It really touched my ‘big sister’s’ heart. Baby brother Gordie passed away, Jan 99.I hadn’t seen him in ten years. Night before he went home, he came to me in my dreams as I slept, and embraced me with such love. Like he was thanking me for being his second mother’ which I had been. Gordie was Downs Syndrome. Second youngest brother Doug, went home, five years later, in May 2004. Mother and I were praying for him in ICU, as he lay in a coma. I renewed his baptism with Holy water,baptising him in the Name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, I anointed him with blessed oil, and I read the Prodigal Son passage to him from Luke, as well as Revelation chapter about the new Heaven his ‘new home.’ Before mom and I prayed for him, the ICU nurse said to us, “he can hear everything you say!’ So mom and I said ‘let’s go’. And we prayed! After returning home that night, I watched the news in bed for a little while, worrying about Dougie. At eleven p.m., I felt overwhelmed with God’s peace, and fell into a peaceful restful sleep. Paul woke me at twelve midnight, to say Doug had passed away at eleven. Doug had been a severely handicapped younger brother as well. Finally he was at peace and would never suffer again. So comforting for a big sister to know that God would bring such peace to me when he knew Doug was passing on,and that I need not worry about him anymore. God is the kindest person in the entire Universe. Mom was such a brave woman, to be pre deceased by her two youngest sons, and still hold onto her faith in God. Now they can be altogether again in heaven. So comforting knowing that God’s love extends beyond the grave, and far, far into this mystery called ‘eternity.’

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