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The BJU AlumnLIE Association: Jonathan Pait Doubles-Down

I’m tracking this PR disaster. It starts with an alum’s (repatrick) direct question on twitter. Jonathan Pait, director of the BJU Alumni Association‘s social media, responds inaccurately.

This is easily proven as incorrect. I’ve already used the 2011 Vintage in an earlier post. When I pointed out his error this morning on twitter, rather than admit his clear mistake and save face, he doubled-down:

But let’s use what is proven on BJU’s own website from their catalog of archives. From the 2007-2008 Catalog, you see that Phelps’ name is present as a member of the Cooperating Board. He would resign shortly thereafter, but he is listed there (since the document is published early in 2007).

In 2008-2009, however, he is not listed.

Nor in 2009-2010.

Nor in 2010-2011.

But he is listed in the 2011-2012 catalog.

It is clear that no time during the calendar year 2009 was Phelps on the BJU Cooperating Board. So Jonathan, you are incorrect.

Why does this matter? Because if they re-assigned Phelps to the Board after his resignation from MBBC but long before the Ernie Willis rape trial was in the public’s consciousness, then they can claim that Phelps’ re-appointment had nothing to do with his cruel and unethical treatment of Tina Anderson and his endorsement of  the (now) convicted rapist Ernie Willis in his congregation. The timeline is crucial for us who are trying to understand if “BJ cares” at all for minor rape victims or only for the powerful and tithing rapists.

Perhaps Pait made an error. That happens. But his continued insistence of inaccurate details makes it clear to us watching — BJU history is being revised right before our eyes.

I signed an oath to keep BJU true. I meant it. I still mean it.

Thanks to Chance Rants for the featured image and to Chuckles Travels, ISupportTinaAnderson, and DaisyDeadAir for shining more sunlight on this injustice.

16 thoughts on “The BJU AlumnLIE Association: Jonathan Pait Doubles-Down

  1. Have you tried emailing Steven about all this? I know you were personal friends with him, perhaps he would listen to you. Probably wouldn’t matter anyway since III is running the board.

    My theory is that they had to place him back on the board to justify helping him financially and legal counsel for the Anderson trial. It’s always about the money for BJU.

  2. The similarities between George Orwell’s book, 1984, and BJU are so strinkingly similar that it’s almost…creepily prophetic.

  3. I suspect he’s in good graces with BJU by funneling more students into the money machine. Since when has it been about anything other than growing the family business?

    1. When they lost their tax-exempt status, never bothering to try to get it back, I think they started looking at ‘the wrong prize’, at money, at the gold. I think the Family Firm started to ‘get in bed with money.’ They misinterpreted the loss of their tax-exampt status, as ‘persecution’ and anti-christian behavior, playing the victim and the false martyr, which the self-righteous, rebellious do all the time. Instead of what it really was, ‘correction’ from a secular government for breaking the law! About matters of race and racial equality. They wanted to have their own way’! My way or the highway, and God let them have it. Now ‘It’s harvest time!” “They are reaping what they have sown.” And God is saying through these awful circumstances, ‘you wanted everything your own way, and now here are the consequences.’ “Its harvest time.” They ae eating the fruit of their ways. their sins are finding them out. The chickens have come home to roost. And this time, “they aint leaving any time soon.” “They are a people who have erred in their hearts, who have ‘not known my ways’.”Psalm 95

  4. When I read the words,’powerful tithing member Ernie Willis’, for the first time it occured to me, that one major reason, Phelps covered the abuse up, was, because Ernie Willis was a wealthy business man and a tither, Phelps was reluctant to ‘lose’ Ernie from his congregation, because he was a wealthy tithing member. If the authorities got their hands on him, Ernie would go right out the door of Phelps’ church, right to jail, and ‘all that money’ would go right out the church door with him! By ‘allowing’ the authorities, to get their legal hands on Ernie, Phelps would lose some of that money. So Phelps did did everything that he possibly could, to sneakily, connivingly send Tina out of state. To transport a minor across state lines is a felony in itself. But to do that ‘against’ the child’s will, legally was a form of ‘kidnapping.’ Just because Phelps got Tina’s mother to ‘agree’ to do this, did not make the despicable act any less of a felony in my mind. Maybe the man can be ‘got’ by the authorities on these specific matters after the fact? Making a concete example of Phelps like that, would send a strong message to the rest of the infamous, abusive IFB network. Phelps was protecting the church’s coffers, while also protecting Phelps’ reputation, of concealing from the public ( outside the church ) and from the authorities, that a serious felony had ben committed by one of his own ‘beloved tithing members’ who also ‘sang in the choir.’ And Phelps still let Ernie sing in the choir, right up to the time of the official charge from the authorities! And ‘this’ is the kind of man ( religious monster?) BJU wants on their board????? I think it’s a scandal among scandals that would rock the souls of any genuinely committed christians. What Gospel are they ‘reading’ over there? The gospel of the three Bobs, the gospel of ‘we can do whatever we want, because we have the truth’, we have ‘the last word on everything’, and nobody else does? “The lust of the eyes, and the pride of life!’ Phelps financial budget, and precious reputation, were more important to the man, than a precious fifteen year old girl, whose whole world was falling down and crumbling around her. Ernie was ‘a wealthy business man,’ he was a tither, and he sang in the choir!. “What would the people think?”This dreadful behaviour of Ernie and Phelps, was it not all about power, ‘power over a young girl’ by Ernie and Phelps, and the ‘power of money’ that held Phelps in its grip? Money is a form of power which can be used both for good and for bad. And unfortunately, tragically, so is the sexual abuse of minors a form of power, evil power. The wrong use of power. Wherever and whenever authority iss misused, abuse will always be practiced in one form or another. Sexual abuse, rape, is primarily an act of power, secondarily a sexual act. Every christian who has a normally functioning moral conscience, who has heard about this scandal, has a moral, christian responsibility to demand action about it. No one must let this die down, to let this evil ‘fly under the radar.’ Keep it alive and in the public’s awareness. Don’t let it go away un acknowledged and undealt with. If ‘this’ kind fo thing is an open and overt display of ‘where’ BJU board members and cronies and administration, stand, then this is also an indication to my mind and thinking, as to where BJU board and administration actually ‘stand with God.’ And do they stand with God? NOT. They do not stand ‘with God’ at all. They stand with and for themselves and their selfish, greedy, reputation hungry agenda. It’s really all about ‘them’ and ‘their’ instititution, an institution really no longer has any right to be called christian, in the true meaning and sense of the word christian! An institution whose methods, ways, and philosophy, no longer have ‘anything’ credible or acceptable’ to do with God anymore, or for what God would ever stand for if any of them on the Board or administration would lower themselves to the level of the Cross to be bothered to even ask ir listen to Him as to ‘what’ He stands for! I believe BJU has prostituted whatever was left of their already seriously tarnished reputation! I don’t believe they’re ever going to get out of this one, with an ‘artificially cleaned slate.’ They may have gotten away with such games in the past, but the public is a lot smarter now, than they were before. Alumni are tired of their ‘games.’ So are non alumni who happen to be good, moral christians as are the alumni, who take their christian faith seriously and obey God. Don’t let them ‘off the hook.’ Keep the pressure on them.

  5. Camille, thanks for posting the web sites for Chance Rants, Daisy Dead Air, Chuckles Travels, and I Support Tina Anderson. I linked to each one and the posts and comments were really helpful to see how so many of you guys are ‘onto them.’ This is one way, the goons can’t stop people from communicating with each other and sharing their concerns. I can see this eventually having some kind of a concrete effect. It will just take some time. Keep up the heat. Keep shining the light. they won’t be able to withstand the pressure of disapproval and chastisement from the outside indefinitely. I mean people eventually just ‘run out of excuses’ and can’t think up any more lies to tell. It happens!
    And the sooner the better. And everybody says, Amen.

  6. Thank you for your dedication to expose corruption and dishonesty. There is redemption for these folks, when they are willing to pull the ginormous logs out of their eyes and seek the grace of God. I pray that happens in life of the administration and board.

    1. Thanks Rachel for reminding us that Christ’s redemption is for ‘everyone’, even those who have scandalized the name of Christas has happened in in this shameful event. It’s too easy to consider some people beyond redemption because of their sin. Thank God those who prayed ‘us in’ to accepting God into our lives, didn’t think that way about ‘us’. Thank God for His Grace and, his kindness to answer prayer. Thank God that God is still God.

    1. I just re looked up this Nov / 2011 post, and , did that, ‘after’ Googling , “Freemasonry & the SBC!” ( oh God, oh God, oh God!!!!….) and printing up some pages about same. 100,000,000 Freemasons are in the SBC!!!??? And they don’t have a problem with that? Why would any of them, wonder where the Light, where the Grace, where the Doctrine of Christ, went and slowly disappeared from the SBC???!!! Duhhhhhh! Pass the vallium somebody. I feel depressed. I recently came home from an awesome Christian Conference, from which I promised God that I would stop being angry at the Baptists, for what too many of them seem to have done with ‘The Bible’,( I love the Word so much ) and with the precious doctrine of, The New Birth, ( I love what the New Birth means to people’s lives, it’s so precious ). I told my husband this . He’s grateful. He has to live with me! I don’t suggest a ‘direct connection’ of Freemasonry with the tragic victimization, ( with the ‘who cares’ attitude of the men, the preacher boys…) of minors in Baptist Churches, and IFB subculture etc., but, the fact that Freemasonry represents so much ‘simply awful darkness’…. is it any wonder, that ‘SBC Baptists’ and ‘separatist Baptists’ IFB subculture preacher boys vultures.. generally live and walk in a such a blind mindset and gullible, ignorant, false belief system? Is it not a natural consequence of having let evil and darkness INTO the church, and letting it stay there for far too long? Is it not a natural consequence of the carelessness, complacency, passivity,indifference, and intellectually arrogant tolerance, of the sin, evil and darkness, which Freemasonry is, within their ranks???!!!. Is it any wonder that such complacency about sin and evil from Freemasonry, would so easily run into the fabric of so many Baptist organizations, sin like the stain of black ink into the white linen of christians’ spiritual lives? in which, ‘the tolerance of sin and evil’ is so epidemic? To tolerate the sin darkness and evil of Freemaonry, and to tolerate the victimization and invalidation of the suffering of minors in the IFB type, Baptist sub culture, are both bad, wrong beliefs and sinful practices, that go against Jesus Christ, against His Word, and that hurt and harm people. When leaders let the darkness IN, and let the darkness stay IN, it stays and it spreads. SBC and IFB Leaders, who don’t care about sin, don’t care about righteousness, don’t care about God, don’t care about people.But redemption IS for everyone. Even those who need to be rescued from the spiritual clutches of Freemasonry. I am going to move past the anger and the offense, about what SBC and IFB Fundy Baptists, have done to spoil their witness. I’m moving past the anger, past the offense to forgive , to live, and let live. I can love the Word and honor the Word in my life, and thank God everyday, for the precious Gift of the New Birth. I’m laying all the anger and offense ‘down’ on the altar of repentance, letting God cleanse it from my life, and moving on to new freedom. I know not all Baptists are like SBC or IFB or Fundy like. But because of the label, Baptist, I’m going to forgive them all. It’s so much more fun being free in God’s love and God’s Forgiveness, than hanging on to pet rags. And there’s such sweet freedom in true heart obedience to God too. See how God gave back freedom to talk, to Zechariah, in first chapters of Luke , when Zechy baby, obeyed the Lord and wrote down,”His name is John.” Freedom in obedience. Happy New Year everybody. And everybody says AMEN!

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