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Honest and Prudent

Only the ungrateful or the purblind can fail to see that sugar in the grape and yeast on the skins is a divine idea, not a human one. Man’s part in the process consists of honest and prudent management of the work that God has begun. Something underhanded has to be done to grape juice to keep it from running its appointed course.

Witness the teetotaling communion service. Most Protestants, I suppose, imagine that it is part of the true Reformed religion. But have they considered that, for nineteen centuries after the institution of the Eucharist, wine was the only element available for the sacrament? Do they seriously envision St. Paul or Calvin or Luther opening bottles of Welch’s Grape Juice in the sacristy before the service? Luther, at least, would turn over in his grave. The WCTU version of the Lord’s Supper is a bare 100 years old. Grape juice was not commercially viable until the discovery of pasteurization; and, unless I am mistaken, it was Mr. Welch himself (an ardent total abstainer) who persuaded American Protestantism to abandon what the Lord obviously thought rather kindly of.

That much damage done, however, the itch for consistency took over with a vengeance. Even the Lord’s own delight was explained away.

Robert Farrar Capon

Looking back at fundamentalist explanations of what Jesus really drank at the Wedding of Cana or the like are even funnier now that I know a little bit about potent potables.

Often they insist that Jesus’ wine, while alcoholic, wasn’t “fortified” like all of today’s evil wines. Jesus’ wine was watery, they proclaim! If Mike Harding would actually imbibe for once, he might realize what an ignorant statement this is. Good wine isn’t ever watery. Ever. Never has been.

But instead of sipping, Mike writes 7563 words about something he knows nothing about. It’s a perfect metaphor for the entire fundamentalist culture.

The very opposite of honest and prudent.

1 thought on “Honest and Prudent

  1. Hah! It’s that ‘holier than thou’ grape juice again! How boring! Grape juice and a cracker, grape juice and a cracker. Come , munch and sip! When believers really focus on the whole purpose of celebrating the Lord’s Supper, such as in Non Catholic Churches, God desires believers to be blessed. God’s Word is true!God wants to bless his people. People can take seriously the Gospel, ask forgiveness of those we have wronged, offer forgiveness to those who have wronged them. Real healing can flow. God loves everybody. He sees the hearts of people who are trying to do the best they know how. Surely God does not go about like a religious S.S. seeking places to spy out where that naughty ‘real wine’ is being consumed during the Lord’s supper! The late David Wilkerson, ( may God rest his soul, as he was a good man ), wrote an entire book on a man made ‘scientific’?… theory that the wine at the wedding at Cana, ‘wasn’t’ really fermented. I wonder how he knew! Must have had a time travel machine in which he travelled back to spy on Jesus “first Miracle’! Or more likely, he had a most colorfully, vivid imagination. So much mental energy expended ‘trying to prove something’ that grape juice fanatics just ‘know’, that, ‘everyone else knows, is true’!! Clothes line preaching type legalism, is so SILLY! And it can so easily become ‘deadly.’ It’s such a wet blanket to believers ‘fun’, and tends to pour, ‘a pail of cold water’ over believers’ joy, ‘if’ believers let that happen to them. Pretty hard not to ‘let that happen’ when the majority they hang out with, is run by the same petty rules of man made do’s and dont’s!! Party poopers! Party poopers! Bible Christians who try to ‘change’ the Bible verses, that they don’t agree on, believing that, “God didn’t mean hat He said.” So now they’re ‘telling God’ what He said? So Jesus changed the water into Grape juice???!!! Give me a break! It’s back to that ‘salad bar’ description of fundamentalists, who,pick and choose which bible verses they want to believe, ignore, deny, or throw out the rest, to try so hard to think, be, and look ‘so spiritual’. How they go overboard ‘moralizing over their ‘pureed doctrine’ of petty rules and regulations. ‘ How they miss the real message of freedom, happiness and joy in the Lord, that the Bridegroom offers to us, to partake of, as He invites us to fellowship with Him, and we allow our interior life to be ‘filled with His Spirit.’ “The kingdom of God is neither meat nor drink, but righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost!” What Christians ‘don’t’ do , does not ‘make them’ either righteous at all, ‘or’ ‘more righteous’ than others. Legalism is a denial of the Grace of God. When Christians seem to lose their peace and joy, sometimes, sometimes, it may be because, some legalism has crept into their life to ‘spoil the party.’ When the prodigal came home, his father served ‘real wine!’ The Jewish people drank real wine! and knew how to party! “Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.” Great post Camille.

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