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I can go on and on extolling the virtues of bacon. But it would just be gilding the bacon lily with lameness. It’s bacon. And it’s in a pop tart. Why say more?

Well, I’ll say a little more. . . .

I used the sweet pastry recipe from smitten kitchen. All her instructions work perfectly. The dough is wonderful. Sweet, flakey. I managed to have farm fresh eggs this week, so that added to the perfection. If I had had Happy Cow butter, I believe it would have caused a rift in the space-delectable continuum.

The woman we love to hate, Martha Stewart, gives us the Bacon Jam filling. Ah, Martha. . . . As I shuffle about in your perfect-palette-painted kitchen, I mutter my jealous praises to you. Thank you, Martha. Thank you for goading us to perfection. I hate you for it.

Nom, nom, nom.

2 thoughts on “Bacon.

  1. My husband just choked on my poor choice of steak I cooked for him I did not know was so tough. Sorry Paul. How that man suffers living with me. I must try this recipe some time, it looks so delicious and tasty. What would “weight watchers” say? Who cares!

  2. Oh. my. sweet. bacony. goodness.

    I know what my DH will be getting for every special occasion from me for life: bacon jam!!

    I had no idea such a marvelous, delicious, amalgam of perfection existed. Thank you for sharing with us. I bet your pastries were wept over.

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